Reading Or Estimate 9/15/15 – 9:40pm

Author : PB. Cooney

My water bill  from Piedmont Water was questionable so I gave CS a call so I ask how the meter is read? CS told me manually so I checked the meter outside I could not see the meter because it was buried in dirt,leaves,debris etc. so I took a photo
for evidence. CS told me after I questioned it again well that they estimate what I use. So they guess what I use. Really? any advice?

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Oder From Sewer? 8/27/15 – 7:55pm

Author : Carole Dodson

Is the odor from Manganese, rather than sewage?

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Traffic Alert 8/6/15 – 9:54 am

GREENE CO SO:  The traffic light at Highway 44South/Lake Oconee Parkway and Carey Station Road will be fully operational today.

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Odor Issue Remains 7/31/15 – 11:17 am


WOW!  It’s been might quiet on this blog for a few weeks.  Is it the hot summer weather?  Are there no common issues to be bandied about?…..LOL.

OK…here’s something to think about.  The” NEXTDOOR” site has had a number of posts [over 100 so far] about “Piedmont Water Res0urces”.   You might want to check it out for yourself.

Now…while the 100 or so posts have been mostly about the “cost” of the water and the “grinder pumps” etc no one has commented on the “odor” which still emanates from some of the “lift stations”.  The “odor” issue has been around for years…..why?  Why can’t it be rectified?

OK…that’s all from me for now.


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Check Out “The Glen” 7/12/15 – 1:05pm



I had trouble send the link.  May I suggest you Google:  ”The Glen at Lake Oconee Village” for details.

I may need to apologize for the name of the road…I think it’s “Old Salem Rd.”.

To PB:

There are reasons folks do not use their real names….most of it stems back to “The Vote” of a few years ago.  I think the question is….are the anonymous posters providing useful, meaningful  input and information  or not?

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What Is It 7/12/15 – 10:05am

From: Chuck

What is “The Glen?”

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New Development 7/10/15 – 10:56am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon
I need help.

“THE GLEN” will be constructed on property off of the intersection of Linger Longer Road and Salem Plantation Road.   This was announced months ago and the recent article in the local paper made additional mention of it coming to fruition.

That’s really great news…..

Now…help me understand this…..why was Salem Plantation Road recently repaved before the construction begins on The Glen?   Or have my eyes deceived me.

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Happy 4th of July!

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Questions Re Club Dining 7/3/15 – 1:16pm

Author : Latestos

You did not mention whether you were unable to be seated on Thursday evening…or whether or not you had a reservation?

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Unbelievable-Restaurants Not Open 7/2/15 – 5:33pm

From: Kathy Mitchell

Unbelieveable but Believable!  Who is running this club?  Or not running it?
This is the busiest week of the season and Reynolds has only ONE restaurant open on Thursday night - the night everyone starts to arrive for the weekend!  ONLY ONE!  And it has been full for days.  How many dining dollars has Reynolds just lost?? THOUSANDS!!!!  And how much loyalty?  That’s it for me!  My loyalty will stay with Silver Moon, Bone Island Grill and Corrados – they will be getting my hard earned dining dollars from now on!! Oops  - they already have been getting them because I never know when or which restaurant is open at Reynolds!  And the food is better!!!!
Another member lost to other dining establishments – we as members should boycott all the restaurants till Reynolds takes note that we would like to have these restaurants run correctly!

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Lake Jam 2015, Sunday July 5th, Waterfront Marina

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What Happened? 6/24/15 – 10:04pm

Author : Johnathan Mersk

Any body know what happened to Bulldog Supper Club? Always seemed  busy but now it’s closed.

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Fire Department Budget 6/24/15 – 9:58pm

From: Les Reed

Tonight I attended the Old Salem Fire Department’s Public Meeting where the proposed 2016 budget was presented. This budget as presented calls for an almost 100% fire tax increase. Their proposed budget request will be in excess of one million dollars.

The cost of fire protection in Old Salem Fire District will be almost twice the amount spent in all of Oconee County. Oconee County has 10 times the population and more than 10 times the area of the Old Salem Fire District.

There will be another public meeting at 5 PM tomorrowJune 25, at the fire house. I urge you to attend this meeting.

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Traffic Alert 6/22/2015 10:03am

GREENE CO SO: AVOID Athens Highway 15 North @ Milemarker 19 for the next hour due to Traffic Accident with injuries.

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Talking Past Each Other 6/16/15 – 5:01pm

From: Phil Boswell

You are one of those people that are ashamed to post their name. If you do not know which gate I was referring, you need not be in the conversation!

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Which Gate 6/15/15 – 4:58pm



Which gate?    You say “new entrance”…do you mean the “proposed” gate to The Landing? do you know it’s 25 acres?

Thanks.  RC

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Keep Aware 6/12/15 – 9:09pm

From: Phil Boswell

Check out the 25 acres Reynolds is clearing just inside the new entrance. What is this about? You had better keep aware what happens in our community!

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Roll With Punches 6/12/15 – 7:16 pm

you missed my point…..satire…………..
And yes, I read the whole blog.
And yes, there are a lot of trucks on the roads.
And yes, they can be a pain in the ***.
And, we will just have to make due with this being a popular route.

But, another thought is: It might make it easier if it were four-laned.  Things change and not much you (we) can do about it.  I look back to my first introduction here when the counties were “dry”, no grocery store or any other support facilities here at the Lake.  AND, not traffic lights.  Things change and we just kinda have to roll with the punches.  A lot of good comes with the bad and visa versa.

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Will Be Heavy Traffic 6/12/15 – 9:20am



YOU missed my point……did you  bother to read it in it’s entirety?

I suggested that IF 44 is busy NOW just wait until 44 is 4 lanes……

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Fees At Gate 6/11/15 – 12:47pm

Author : Pete

Quick call to the gate reveals that contractors without a sicker are charged $5 if they have four tires, $30 for six, and $40 if more than six. No secret list.

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Is It A Pain? 6/11/15 – 8:02am

Author : Just Curious

You are so right about all of them 18 wheelers.  They should not be allowed on roads like 44.  Wait a minute, that means those 18 wheelers that deliver to Publix and the other local stores would do what?????????  Or cars should not be allowed to drive on “truck routes”.  Hey, they use it cause it is a heck of a lot shorter than going all the way to Atlanta and then out this way.  I agree it is a pain when you get behind one between here and Gray, but I always say, ” If we had left 5 minutes early (on time), we would not be behind that darn truck………….

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Fast Trucks 6/1/15 – 4:21pm

From: yogia7

Reynolds curmudgeon

you are right on about 18 wheelers.

returning from fla. thru gray I saw 7 18 wheelers 5 came on to the lake. they hit speeds  up to 70 mph. scarey

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18 Wheelers 5/29/15 – 3:43pm

Another topic…18 WHEELERS!

For those of you who really, and I mean, really want a four lane divided highway to run from I 20 to Gray…..right past Linger Longer Road etc…..”listen up and listen tight”.

Be careful what you wish for….you’re going to get a helluva lot more 18 Wheeler traffic than we see now…which is a HUGE number compared to our sleep hamlet of just a few years ago.

I saw 6 heading south on Rt 44 as they were approaching downtown Eatonton today…some had turned left…others were waiting at the light to do so??????

Personally I hope the widening project is put on hold until 2090…..

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Repairs My Business 5/29/15 – 3:27pm

Author : Pay up

I don’t understand why Reynolds wants to decide which repair person I call to come to my home to make repairs.
Some apparently are on a secret RP list and can get through the gate just fine. Others not on the list have to pay $30 to get in — and, of course, the repair person charges me the $30.
What do these companies do to get on this list? Pay RP a fee?
I don’t know who’s on this list and who’s not. If I want to go with a guy who I trust —  especially if he’s going to do the work for less — RP can still charge me $30 more just to get him in the gate.
Is this free enterprise?
How I spend money on home repairs should be my decision, shouldn’t it?

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New Entrance 5/28/15 – 7:30am

From: Phil boswell

Reynolds Plantation owners is getting to put the screws to Reynolds Landing. The new entrance on Old Still Rd is opening our community to more crime because there will be no security person at that gate. The secretive way they have been doing this stinks. They have always looked upon us as second class members. You need to watch this because they are doing something underhand.

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Financially Solid? 5/17/15 – 11:59am

Author : Curious

How financially solid is Reynolds Plantation and the surrounding area?

Are the golf courses financially solid or is this an ongoing issues with possible foreclosures too.

thank you

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Either Or 5/11/15 – 12:59pm

From: yogia

you have my answer, accept it and/or forget it.

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Yes/No 5/11/15 – 11:21am

From: Lake Resident

To Yogia7:

And you’ve yet to answer the yes/no question….

I don’t think I’m asking a wishy washy question, but you’re giving me a wishy washy answer.

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Maybe Is 5/10/15 – 8:59pm

From: y0gia7

lake resident

you still sound like the B.O.E. chairman.

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Questions 5/8/15 – 3:18pm

From: Lake Resident

To: Yogia7
So is that a yes or no if you had school aged children?  And why?

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