Happy Thanksgiving 2015

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LOA…Perspective 11/25/15 – 9:20am


Long time no post.

To the LOA parent:

Let’s do give it some perspective…

First…I know of NO ONE who bought property in Reynolds before the loa was forced  on Greene County tax payers…..folks bought  for the lake, the golf courses and  other recreation facilities…RETIREES were the bloodline of Reynolds sales…Yes?  Dispute that with facts.

Second…answer this…did Reynolds suggest, infer or say they would donate the land and build the building for the loa?  Yes or No?

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LOA, Thanks – 11/24/15 – 4:00pm

Author : Jim Cash

Thanks. I’ll check with Dr. Tucker

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To Get Understanding Must Go To Source(s) 11/22/15 – 11:00pm

To: Jim Cash

From: Another LOA parent trying to give some historical perspective

I think that your question regarding the history of Reynold’s involvement should only be answered by one of two people. I’ve learned that hearsay around here can get you in a lot of trouble- meaning that if you don’t go straight to the source you will be told a lot of untruths. So, I would suggest calling either Dr. Otho Tucker (who knows the history of LOA) or Rabun Neal since he is the most appropriate person at Reynolds to answer the question. But, in the meantime, let me offer these additional comments.

Regardless of what Reynolds did or didn’t do to help get LOA started, they have the right to spend their money as they see fit.  You will “benefit” from some of those decisions but perhaps not from others. For instance, my family doesn’t play golf. I see Reynolds pouring money into improving the golf courses, and that investment doesn’t impact me personally at all (other than perhaps help protect my home value). With regard to education, it’s a little tricky because the Reynolds communities expand into both Greene and Putnam counties; however, educational lines are drawn by the county line, and there is nothing Reynolds can do about that. I’m sure you are aware that in larger cities like Atlanta or New York, a house on one side of the street might sell for significantly more than a house on the other side of the street simply because of the school district it’s in (and that’s even within the same county where they’ve drawn district lines). That’s inherently the nature of
our public school system, which is why as Americans we should be working to improve all public education as best as possible. When we see something that works, we should not only support it, but replicate it as much as possible. For children who perhaps don’t fit into an academically rigorous educational system we need more robust career academies so that one way or another, we are producing generations of children who turn into productive young adults.

I totally understand that as a parent you want to make the best decision you can for your child, and what you have in Putnam County may or may not be ideal for your family. I will mention that as an outsider to Putnam County, from everything I can tell, the public education there is improving steadily. The GA Milestone scores that just came out indicate that very fact. It is also my understanding that several years ago, all Putnam County public schools were converted to charter schools, so perhaps that is the very reason they are improving so much. Making change takes time. I hear nothing but positive feedback these days about the changes occurring in that school system and if that’s all true, congratulations to the leaders who are making that happen. I hope someone will correct this if I am wrong, but from what I see online it confirms what I’ve said here.

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LOA & Putnam County 11/21/15 – 8:00pm

Author : Jim Cash

Thank you for your honest answer to my question which by the way I don’t have a factual problem with and appreciate. I sign all my posts and wish everyone would but understand some don’t like taking heat! In my case bring the heat on! My only concern is that Greene County has a Charter School and Putnam County does not! This situation is contribuiting to killing real estate sales at Great Waters and in general making Great Waters a less desireable place to live for younger families than Greene County..
Did any Reynolds financial help go into building The Lake Oconee Charter School like land grant or any other financial help of any description? If any financial help came from Reynolds then by extension some of that funding represents some (%) of my Putnam County money? and by extension, I would like the opportunity to enroll my children in The Lake Oconee Charter School, assuming I wanted too. Signed- JIMMY BOB CASH–  aka  modern day “JOHN HANCOCK” Please excuse any spelling errors as I am a product of public schooling in NYC- grade school, high school and even college. The only way I found my way Georgia is because I was drafted in 1966 and sent to Fort Gordon, and actually like the place..

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LOA Historical Perspective 11/21/15 – 5:25pm

To: LOA Parent and Jim Cash

From: Another LOA parent trying to give some historical perspective

I am an LOA parent and wanted to take a moment to respond to two recent posts.

First, in general, Putnam County school children are not permitted to apply to LOA. LOA is a Greene County public school, and therefore, applicants must be from Greene County. The exception to this is for staff or faculty members at LOA, who are permitted to enroll children in LOA if they choose to do so. That exception is totally standard practice in schools not only across the state of Georgia, but also throughout our nation. This is why you will see some children who live outside of Greene County attending LOA. Those students make up a small percentage of the LOA student population, and as mentioned, it is standard practice in terms of enrollment rules.

Second, as for the LOA parent who posted a question about LOA’s governing body let me provide this clarity and point of view. As far as I understand it, the original governing body was comprised of the people who worked tirelessly to bring the LOA Charter School to fruition. Once the Charter was approved, a new “working body” of people formed the current LOA Board of Governors (BOG). When charter schools first came into existence, it was standard practice to place school parents in those positions. Over time, however, as charter schools evolved it was discovered that parents became too personally interested in making decisions that impacted their individual children, and thus operated with a bias. As a result, it is now standard practice among charter schools to select board of governor members who include a mix of parents and non-parents. Remember that running a school is also a business. It’s best to have the board operating on behalf of ALL the students while they take
accountability for educating children and being fiscally responsible in the process. As such, the current LOA BOG members include at least two LOA parents and an LOA grandparent. The CFO is also an LOA parent. So, in essence, at least half of the LOA BOG does contain members who are directly tied to children who attend the school. The other board members are people who live in the surrounding community, and they bring years of experience in business and education. Personally, I feel fortunate to have the current BOG. From everything I can tell, they work tirelessly (and for the most part thanklessly) to make sound decisions for our school. I believe they do everything they can to maintain the integrity and the mission statement of the initial charter. When the time comes for turnover of a board member, perhaps you should offer suggestions of who you think would make a good candidate to fill that position. Board meetings are public and you have every right to attend and voice your

All of that being said, if you are not happy with our BOG I would suggest you attend the meeting that will be held at LOA on Monday night, November 30th, where Dr. Tucker will review the GA Milestones results. He will present information that includes not only LOA’s scores, but he will also report the scores of the other Greene County schools, Morgan/Putnam county schools, and scores from at least 2 of the other highest ranking schools in the state (Walton and Oconee). Spoiler alert- LOA outperformed them all. I’d say that’s the best show of accountability and success we can get from Dr. Tucker and our BOG.

I think you have every right to question why things are structurally organized the way they are. But keep in mind that it was done with a historical perspective that provoked the structure you see in place today. Trying to force a change could lead LOA down a path that negatively affects how the school performs. Is that what you want? I don’t. I believe it is a both a choice and a privilege to send my children to LOA. I see no reason to alter a board structure for an educational system that is really working. And here’s the other thing…No matter where you send your kids to school, you will not agree 100% with every aspect of how a school operates. That’s an impossibility, because decisions for the school are made for the entire student body, not just for your children. You have to decide if you mostly agree and are willing to live with everything else on which you have a different opinion. If you decide there are too many things you can’t live with, then by all means pull
your child out and put him/her in a different school. Someone on the wait list will be very happy to fill the spot.

You do have the power to make change by getting involved. I am a parent that has had children at LOA for most of its existence. I notice that most parents who hold positions-whether it be on the Parent Association, as Class Reps, as a Foundation Board member, as a Room Parent, etc.- are all held by people who are willing to give of their time and energy to help the school. For the most part, it’s also a thankless job. Yet many of the same people fill those positions year after year because they are willing to step up to the plate and volunteer. It’s in their hearts to give of their time and energy. I’m not sure why you are critical of the process by which many of those positions are filled. For example, I distinctly remember plenty of notice for parents to be a part of the election process for the Parents Association, and yet only four people ran for office. There’s not much debate about who should fill the positions unless more people offer to fill a seat and inherit the
responsibility that goes with the position. There have been elections in the past when they were needed.

As a part of the LOA family, I couldn’t be more proud of how many parents are involved at LOA. Plus, we have grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends, and community members who are willing to get engaged and make a difference. We are very fortunate and it’s a large part of the reason why LOA is so great.

I hope that if you are taking the time to complain you are also taking the time to be a part of the solution. That seems reasonable doesn’t it?!?

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Board of Governors, LOA 11/21/15 – 12:15pm

To: LOA Parent

From: An LOA parent with a different perspective

Do you actually know who sits on the Board of Governors for LOA? I have to think not, because if you did you’d know that the current 6 member board includes two parents and two grandparents. The CFO is also a parent. I’m not a mathematician, but I’m still smart enough to know that’s a majority. Although I wasn’t involved in the appointment process, knowing who these members are leads me to believe they were selected due to a combination of their personal interest in overseeing a successful school, and their proven education, leadership and business management abilities. (A school, by the way, is still a business. I say this because I know there are some that want to view it as a social club). In view of LOA’s continued success, I’m elated with those whom have been chosen, their ultimate selection of the CEO, and his ultimate selection of the faculty and staff. Do I necessarily agree with every decision and/or policy the school puts forth? NO! But then I remind myself
of the unparalleled education my children are receiving at the hands of those that are educated and trained to provide that education; I see the children from all walks of life, ethnically, financially and geographically, becoming successful in their pursuit of a great education, and I think, “Geez, maybe they DO know more than I do about this issue!”  Whodathunkit? I would be interested to know what you and your friend’s qualifications are that make you think you know better? These individuals were appointed for one reason – to provide children with a great education that would lead to higher education and ultimately the ability to live a productive and independent life. I think they’re right on task, and I’m appreciative of all they do and the time they spend doing it. In contrast, I shudder to think about parents “voting for their besties” and turning our school board over to a group of parents with their own personal agendas thus allowing them to make decisions
about a business they know nothing about. Yeah, I think that would work out well! In my opinion, the voting public doesn’t have too good of a track record in any forum at the moment.

As far as the Parent’s Association goes, I’m not sure we’re at the same school. My recollection of the board elections was that the school sent out an email asking for nominations. Sometime later (I know it was more than 48 hours) a meeting was held where the candidates availed themselves to answer questions and explain what they could bring to the board. Since all four candidates ran unopposed, a request was made to those in attendance for any final nominations to which none were made so they were all voted in. NO members of the PA are appointed by the school. As far as class reps, well, I don’t really know about that. The class reps my children have are all awesome, and are the same ones year after year. This could be because they’re the only ones who volunteer, or maybe the teachers do ask them because they’re effective. I’m sure we’re all well acquainted with volunteers who are more hassle than helpful and at the end of the day there’s a job that needs to be
done for which I am grateful. As far as your comment about “the same faces/last names” continuing to be appointed to various groups, that’s because they’re the only ones who, time after time, are willing to step up and help. Perhaps if you and your friends actually started to get involved and help, rather than sitting back judging, complaining and criticizing, you’d realize things aren’t really being done the way you think at all!

In closing, you should remind yourself that LOA is a choice. You’re not being forced to send your children there so if you’re not happy with the way things are done it might be time to consider an alternative. I for one am tired of being bashed from every direction on the outside and now from the inside. I’m proud to be a titan, and I want my children to be proud also. Nothing is more destructive than a disgruntled group of weenie whiners – especially those that make accusations about things they know nothing about!

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New Personalized Shopping Service 11/20/15 – 3:55pm

From: Marcia Schaefer

RE: http://www.wegoshop.com

New to our area – personalized shopping & errand service, be it for groceries, cleaning pickup or whatever else can help you.

Franchisee is Reynolds property owner & a neighbor with your satisfaction as the goal. Go to the website http://www.wegoshop.com then follow directions below:

1) Click on “Search for grocery delivery”

2) Click on U.S. Flag

3) Select state (Georgia)

4) Select City (Greensboro/Eatonton)

… and there you are. able to read all the details on this wonderful new help!

5) Enter your own phone# where indicated & you will soon get a call from your Franchisee.

Try it & free yourself from the mundane!


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Charter School Enrollment 11/20/15 – 3:45pm

Author : Jim Cash

Is this Charter School open to Putnam County children enrollment?
Please advise


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LOA Charter Renewal 11/19/15 – 11:03am

From: LOA Parent

Hello BOE members and Community!

Please consider the following while reviewing the LOA charter renewal.
Please know when LOA sent out the charter renewal application to all parents the appendix that describes Governance was not submitted. In this appendix there are requirements that describe what components of the school’s operations the school’s governance board would have input and approval.
As parents we want clarity on the governance structure of LOA and how members of the governing body are appointed or elected.
Charter schools are founded upon parents having a critical role in the decisions affecting the operations and offerings of the school. Not day to day operations but the general operations of school curriculum, budget, employees, leadership , and extra-curricula.
In the past LOA board members were appointed. We (myself and other parents) believe the governing body should be comprised with a majority of the board being parents that are nominated and ELECTED by other parents. The nominations should not require any approval from school administration other than safety/background checks.
This same trend of appointed representative is also true of the Parent Association. Parents volunteer to be class reps. Of the volunteers one or more is selected by school staff. This should be done by parents through a vote. Finally, other school committee members are selected by the school staff.
LOA administration continues to try to “control” the parents on boards and other groups that parents hold offices or have a voice. The same faces/last names continue to be appointed to various groups. This needs to change! Many parents at LOA are not in support of all current happenings at LOA but because the school administration has no real checks and balances on the decisions that concern the school operations we are not comfortable speaking out in the current administrative culture.
We want a real voice. Not an election that is done in less than 48 hours with only an email notification as has been done In the past. We want a real process spelled out that all parents can review and understand.
We want the school administration to be held accountable to ALL parents not just the selected few.
Please make the LOA administration and Board spell out the governance structure and clearly require LOA the be governed by a board of majority parents that are transparently nominated/elected by PARENTS. The aforementioned requisites should be clearly included in LOA’s charter renewal.
Thank you for your time,
Interested LOA parent

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Harbor Club 10/30/15 – 1:05pm

From: Amber Nettles

New Golf Memberships Now Available to Non-Property Owners at Harbor Club on Lake Oconee. A limited number of full golf memberships available. For more information Call Mika Mills, Membership Sales (706) 454-7047 or mmills@harborclub.com

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MetLife Please Pay Attention 10/29/15 – 6:10pm

From: Jim Cash

Re: Open Letter


Mr. Steven A. Kandarian, CEO

200 Park Ave

New York, NY 10166

Ph. 212-578-2211

October 28, 2015

Re: Reynolds Lake Oconee (Formerly Reynolds Plantation)

Dear Mr. Kandarian:

I would like to make a suggestion that you delegate or designate someone to monitor the next door neighbor and reynoldsplantationblog. com websites for membership comments. I further suggest that  you set up a MetLife e-mail address, and appoint a MetLife representative point of contact whereby Reynolds members can directly contact MetLife with issues important to them. My perception and that of many other members is that our issues are not addressed, but ignored, and not passed up the chain of command. Perhaps send a representative here on-site for a couple weeks to get a grasp for yourself. Have that person interact with all the members not just a select few hand-picked by the current management here. Member committees and some individuals here are manipulated and basically a management rubber stamp.

I personally believe you are not getting complete information or worse filtered information with respect to operations at Reynolds. It is easy to blow people off as unreasonable, cranks or chronic complainers, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have valid concerns and information. Ignoring them would be a error in judgment.

MetLife is making a great investment here with respect to the grounds and facilities. Things never looked better,  but my opinion and observation is that the frustration and unrest within the membership ranks, particularly Great Waters, is growing day by day as evidenced by member’s comments. Everyone thinks everything is just great and then one day everyone is surprised when they find out everything is not so great and they have a big problem to deal with that they never saw coming.

I personally feel that I am a second class member living at Great Waters with our restaurant open on a very limited schedule, yet closed very regularly for private or other events.

I believe continuing on the same path as present will eventually be a problem no one saw coming.

My opinion.


James R. Cash, Great Waters, 133 Winnstead Place, Eatonton, GA 31024

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Reading Or Estimate 9/15/15 – 9:40pm

Author : PB. Cooney

My water bill  from Piedmont Water was questionable so I gave CS a call so I ask how the meter is read? CS told me manually so I checked the meter outside I could not see the meter because it was buried in dirt,leaves,debris etc. so I took a photo
for evidence. CS told me after I questioned it again well that they estimate what I use. So they guess what I use. Really? any advice?

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Oder From Sewer? 8/27/15 – 7:55pm

Author : Carole Dodson

Is the odor from Manganese, rather than sewage?

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Traffic Alert 8/6/15 – 9:54 am

GREENE CO SO:  The traffic light at Highway 44South/Lake Oconee Parkway and Carey Station Road will be fully operational today.

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Odor Issue Remains 7/31/15 – 11:17 am


WOW!  It’s been might quiet on this blog for a few weeks.  Is it the hot summer weather?  Are there no common issues to be bandied about?…..LOL.

OK…here’s something to think about.  The” NEXTDOOR” site has had a number of posts [over 100 so far] about “Piedmont Water Res0urces”.   You might want to check it out for yourself.

Now…while the 100 or so posts have been mostly about the “cost” of the water and the “grinder pumps” etc no one has commented on the “odor” which still emanates from some of the “lift stations”.  The “odor” issue has been around for years…..why?  Why can’t it be rectified?

OK…that’s all from me for now.


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Check Out “The Glen” 7/12/15 – 1:05pm



I had trouble send the link.  May I suggest you Google:  ”The Glen at Lake Oconee Village” for details.

I may need to apologize for the name of the road…I think it’s “Old Salem Rd.”.

To PB:

There are reasons folks do not use their real names….most of it stems back to “The Vote” of a few years ago.  I think the question is….are the anonymous posters providing useful, meaningful  input and information  or not?

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What Is It 7/12/15 – 10:05am

From: Chuck

What is “The Glen?”

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New Development 7/10/15 – 10:56am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon
I need help.

“THE GLEN” will be constructed on property off of the intersection of Linger Longer Road and Salem Plantation Road.   This was announced months ago and the recent article in the local paper made additional mention of it coming to fruition.

That’s really great news…..

Now…help me understand this…..why was Salem Plantation Road recently repaved before the construction begins on The Glen?   Or have my eyes deceived me.

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Happy 4th of July!

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Questions Re Club Dining 7/3/15 – 1:16pm

Author : Latestos

You did not mention whether you were unable to be seated on Thursday evening…or whether or not you had a reservation?

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Unbelievable-Restaurants Not Open 7/2/15 – 5:33pm

From: Kathy Mitchell

Unbelieveable but Believable!  Who is running this club?  Or not running it?
This is the busiest week of the season and Reynolds has only ONE restaurant open on Thursday night - the night everyone starts to arrive for the weekend!  ONLY ONE!  And it has been full for days.  How many dining dollars has Reynolds just lost?? THOUSANDS!!!!  And how much loyalty?  That’s it for me!  My loyalty will stay with Silver Moon, Bone Island Grill and Corrados – they will be getting my hard earned dining dollars from now on!! Oops  - they already have been getting them because I never know when or which restaurant is open at Reynolds!  And the food is better!!!!
Another member lost to other dining establishments – we as members should boycott all the restaurants till Reynolds takes note that we would like to have these restaurants run correctly!

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Lake Jam 2015, Sunday July 5th, Waterfront Marina

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What Happened? 6/24/15 – 10:04pm

Author : Johnathan Mersk

Any body know what happened to Bulldog Supper Club? Always seemed  busy but now it’s closed.

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Fire Department Budget 6/24/15 – 9:58pm

From: Les Reed

Tonight I attended the Old Salem Fire Department’s Public Meeting where the proposed 2016 budget was presented. This budget as presented calls for an almost 100% fire tax increase. Their proposed budget request will be in excess of one million dollars.

The cost of fire protection in Old Salem Fire District will be almost twice the amount spent in all of Oconee County. Oconee County has 10 times the population and more than 10 times the area of the Old Salem Fire District.

There will be another public meeting at 5 PM tomorrowJune 25, at the fire house. I urge you to attend this meeting.

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Traffic Alert 6/22/2015 10:03am

GREENE CO SO: AVOID Athens Highway 15 North @ Milemarker 19 for the next hour due to Traffic Accident with injuries.

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Talking Past Each Other 6/16/15 – 5:01pm

From: Phil Boswell

You are one of those people that are ashamed to post their name. If you do not know which gate I was referring, you need not be in the conversation!

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Which Gate 6/15/15 – 4:58pm



Which gate?    You say “new entrance”…do you mean the “proposed” gate to The Landing?

Then..how do you know it’s 25 acres?

Thanks.  RC

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Keep Aware 6/12/15 – 9:09pm

From: Phil Boswell

Check out the 25 acres Reynolds is clearing just inside the new entrance. What is this about? You had better keep aware what happens in our community!

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Roll With Punches 6/12/15 – 7:16 pm

you missed my point…..satire…………..
And yes, I read the whole blog.
And yes, there are a lot of trucks on the roads.
And yes, they can be a pain in the ***.
And, we will just have to make due with this being a popular route.

But, another thought is: It might make it easier if it were four-laned.  Things change and not much you (we) can do about it.  I look back to my first introduction here when the counties were “dry”, no grocery store or any other support facilities here at the Lake.  AND, not traffic lights.  Things change and we just kinda have to roll with the punches.  A lot of good comes with the bad and visa versa.

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