The Landing 7/25/14 – 9:28am

From: Jill Press

Just for clarification…yesterday the “new Manager” had the day off! The Manager of the day yesterday was Michael from the Creek Club, who was substituting for Rob…the real new Manager. Michael is truly a class act and I’m sure he was doing his best, but unfortunately it was only for the day!

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Credit To Landing 7/23/14 – 7:30pm

From: Marcia Schaefer

Have just come from a day of bridge & lunch at The Landing and want to congratulate the new Manager and his staff on their performance.  He checked often to see we had all we needed and if we were lacking he made every effort to amend the situation.  GOOD JOB!!!!

As we are always quick to gripe, lets give credit when due!

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Get It 7/22/14 – 12:05pm

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

To “sender sender”:

Question….when did you learn the Great Waters course would be closed for two days [Monday and Tuesday this week]?    Perhaps if and when you tried to make a tee time a month or so ago?  Or as  I did when I went on the RP web-site.

Did you know there would be “qualifying” rounds for the US Amateur being played those days?  I didn’t until I went on the web-site Monday.

Get the point?

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Greene Co SO Alert 7/22/14 – 9:20am

Greene County Sheriff’s Office Georgia
Tuesday July 22nd, 2014 :: 09:10 a.m. EDT

Community Announcement

 Let your voice be heard, GO VOTE!
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Want Consistency 7/19/14 – 8:27am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

Hey “sender-sender”:

Please re-read the posts… one wants to be  ”spoon fed”….but how about “consistency”?

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Spoon Fed 7/18/14 – 4:06pm

From:  Sender Sender

To: Those who want to be spoon fed

The golf course and restaurant schedules are posted on the web site all the time. Given that they will not all be open every day and for every meal, what else do you want? Take some initiative! We don’t need to be spoon fed.

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Hope Mr G Reads 7/18/14 – 4:00pm

From:  Hopeful

To : “an additional option”

1. If you have easy access to a computer you are correct. Lunch is easy as it’s only the Landing… Dinner is confusing and generally the reaction is ” oh heck, let’s just go to the Moon, we know it’s open”
2. I feel certain the Health Dept would love to see us transporting leftover food ….we could get a 70 then and be closed!
3. GW would be an ideal place for lunch especially with the shuttle running! The Veranda has a fabulous view ! That used to be a favorite thing to do on a beautiful day. When we came as buyers our agent treated us to lunch there and the ride in the shuttle made buyers out of us! What a novel idea!
A lot of the fixes here are not too complicated with the exception of our out dated expensive, “why it won’t work philosophy ” Membership Plan! But I will save that for another day, but I  hear it impedes us from attracting buyers that don’t play golf! They don’t want to pay $25 grand  non/ refundable fee to “protect” their ability to sell later so they don’t buy! Who can blame them! So they buy elsewhere !

So….thanks for your input there is a lot we all agree on! Hope Mr. G reads the blog as he has no email and no way to contact him!

Enjoy your weekend!

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And Then……… 7/18/14 – 10:05am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

To “Hopeful” and “One More Thing”:

And then there’s the confusion about what courses are open today [which were to be closed...and vice versa] …and what courses are “straight tees” vs “split tees”…and once told a course is closed and then it magically opens…..for “guests” ?

Then there’s the “members have to wait” at The Oconee for the “paying guests” to tee off..even when the “guests” are late to the tee box…..has this ever happened to you?

The “paying guests” play here INFREQUENTLY…yet the members’ charges are month after month after month… would have thought that with the new owners things would have changed there…I guess not.  The more things change, the more they stay the same…..except for the “new” owners.

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An Additional Opinion 7/18/14 – 9:57am

Author : My Perspective 

To Hopeful and John Gunderson:

From “my perspective” let me address your post by number:

1. It really isn’t that difficult to figure out what and where is open. It is posted on the website.
2. Like any restaurant “waste” is something that costs a lot of money. I am sure we are minimizing the waste and perishables are transferred from clubhouse to clubhouse.
3. Great Waters is a beautiful clubhouse with a spectacular view. But it appears the attendance is falling off. I recently was there at 7 pm and there were only 6 tables being used. The food was “Ok” but I did feel the service was less than “ok”.
4. I will agree 150% the “quality is INCONSISTENT” !!! Perhaps because we have such a LARGE turnover in restaurant management and chefs/cooks!!
5. Poor health code ratings are a disgrace to our community!!
6. Yes, people we will go outside the gates to places like Silver Moon, DaCorado’s, Blue Culina, and Bone Island that offer better food and service!!
7. It has been obvious that RP needs “NEW LEADERSHIP” but John Gunderson doesn’t think so!! Our only hope is that sooner than later Metlife will see that Gunderson is NOT getting “results”. I urge anyone with contacts at Metlife to express their concerns about community.

With regard to your statement about homes taking a “year” to sell. Many homes and properties have been on the market for 2 to 3 years and have been reduced by 50% and still don’t sell!! The recent lightning strike is a perfect example. Originally listed for over $3mill and reduced to $1.75 and still didn’t sell.


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Just One More Thing 7/17/14 – 8:36pm

From:  One More Thing

Agree with hopeful. Just one more thing. All told there are probably hundreds of card players in RP, in groups large and small. The places they have to play are pitiful. The gazebo is a mess, not kept clean, usually either too hot or too cold, about as unattractive and uncomfortable as it could be. On arriving for ladies duplicate bridge the other nite we were warned not to put anything on the floor because the place was full of ants (not the first time). Seems that if it isn’t about golf nobody really cares.

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Food For Thought 7/17/14 – 8:12pm

From:  Hopeful

Dear Mr. Gunderson,

Thanks  for all you have done  and continue to do to bring some life back into Reynolds Plantation.  Perhaps in its due diligence this new consultant will come to some of the same conclusion many of the property  owners have with regards to the Food and Beverage challenges . The following is some  ”food for thought” from some of us

1. It takes a slide rule to figure out which clubhouse is open on which day for which meal. Surely there is an easier and more effective way.
2.As property owners, we question what happens to the leftover food/staples  when a facility is open only two evenings a week . This creates a lot of waste , or does it get trucked to the next open clubhouse?
3. If a clubhouse is open for dinner why not open it for lunch? especially Great Waters with its lovely lake view!
4.Inconsistent quality  = diners will go elsewhere rather than taking a chance on getting a bad meal.
5. A “72″ rating for a clubhouse from the Board of Health is totally unacceptable as was the case the Plantation clubhouse.  We are not willing to take a chance of getting sick either. Was anyone ever held accountable for this?
6. Diners vote with their feet. If it isn’t good we go elsewhere.
7. The property owners here run a very elaborate  grapevine and the consensus is that NOTHING HAS CHANGED IN OUR LEADERSHIP ,
We need new talented leadership capable of taking Reynolds Plantation to a new level ……..the potential here is staggering !

GOOD LUCK, we want nothing more than our investments here to stabilize, our homes to sell in less than year, and for Reynolds Plantation to turn over a new leaf going forward!

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What Happened 7/15/14 – 5:26pm

From: patch

Anyone know what happened to the Cowles Clinic assisted living development?   They cleared the land and put in turn lanes and entrance but nothing else.

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Kudos 7/15/14 – 5:24pm

Author : David Bell

I would highly, HIGHLY recommend Gil’s Automotive. They have done extensive work on my 2004 BMW 530i, my wife’s 2003 Tahoe, my daughters 2000 4runner and my sons 2004 Sierra 2500. Best shop I have ever been to.

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Thanks 7/10/14 – 7:13pm

From: Steve Thorpe

Early this week a huge oak tree from a Common Area fell across the deer fence onto my property and left a mountain of debris. I called POA and within the hour a rep was out to assess the problem. Next day a six man crew arrived to take care of the problem. I offer a big thanks to the POA for such a prompt efficient response.

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Found 7/10/14 – 7:44am

From: Interested

Did anyone claim the sweet little doggie that was found?

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A Shame 7/8/14 – 7:55am

From: Louie Seabolt

Saturday’s OPUS event with the Journey music concert was terrific. EXCEPT FOR THE BEGINNING. Jefferry Wells sang our National Anthem and a significant number(most in fact) failed to remove hats and put their right hand over their heart. I am appalled at this disgraceful behavior. What a shame most people failed to show the proper respect for our country. Offered with no respect for those people identified here. Louie Seabolt.

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The Right Way 7/8/14 – 7:50am

From: Education Supporter

To Withheld:

I support great education and don’t care whether its a Public, Private or Charter School!!

What I don’t support are doing things “behind public view” or “behind the taxpayers backs”. We have a couple County Commissioners (one who starts the process and the other that follows along) without following protocol and procedure.

Just take the time to do things the “right way” without all the drama!!!!

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July 2014!

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Found Grey Shih Tzu 7/5/14 – 11:15pm

Subject: Found shin tsu.

Grey Shih Tzu found on old Phoenix Road Saturday night near the fire department. Call 678 643 6623.
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Happy 4th July!

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Harmony Up-date 6/25/14 – 11:17am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon 

Up-date.   The metal posts are still there but a large gap between the two in the center.   Could there be “harmony” brewing at the Silver Moon and the Harmony Community Center?   Will the hangin chad, oops, I meant chain, be removed for overfliw patron pRking??????

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Harmony 6/25/14 – 7:43am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

Has anyone else noticed the signs which were erected between the “Silver Moon” and the “Harmony Community Center” parking lots?

Doesn’t appear to be much “harmony” there…..

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Boat Trailer Rental 6/24/14 – 12:15pm

From: Trailer Rental

Boat trailer wanted to rent. Reynolds resident with home in Florida desires to rent trailer to transport 21′ Chaparral Sonesta Deck Boat from here to there. (10 day return) Will provide insurance and deposit. Please email blog if you can help.

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Wreck @ Carey Station Rd 6/24/14 – 11:35am

From: Greene Co SO

Wreck with injuries on Carey Station Road near Hwy 44 south, watch for responders and avoid area.

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New Restaurant 6/23/14 – 9:03am

From: Diane Cork

My hubby and I took the opportunity Friday night to dine at Blu Culina in Harmony Crossing.  They opened the door on Tuesday night.  What a great addition to fine dining in the area!  I had the pesto shrimp pasta , probably one of the best meals I’ve had in a very long time, actually, maybe the best pesto pasta I’ve ever had!  Hubby had salmon and said it was also very good.  The home-made artisan bread with imported gourmet olives and dipping oil  from our local Plantation oil company was a very nice and unexpected addition to the meal.  For a just opened restaurant, no kinks needed to be worked out.  These people nailed it.

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Alternative Solutions 6/23/14 – 7:38am

From: Dee Lindsey

The Jury Trial (F. Dee Lindsey vs. GCBOC & GCDA) originally scheduled for June 23 has been delayed.  My attorney is working with their attorneys to reach an agreement which will achieve my objectives for the citizens of Greene County while also saving the taxpayers unnecessary trial expenses.

Meanwhile, there is a growing group of citizens looking for alternative solutions which will benefit all of Greene County.  Once we establish that common ground, there will be be no limit to what we can achieve here in Greene County.   Let’s forever put an end to the “us vs. them” mentality and begin to focus on the real educational solutions that are inclusive rather than exclusive.

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Redistribute Funds 6/20/14 – 10:06am

My question is can the LOA expansion be accomplished within the present BOE budget!  If it is the decision of the BOE to expand LOA because of it’s success can and should the present budget allotment for the different schools be redistributed.  If the student population of Greene county has increased to justify additional tax dollars to add additional facilities,  that should be communicated to us, the tax payers. If not, then present facilities should  be downsized or closed and  the dollars saved by these moves can be allocated to where they are needed.


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Must Solve Big Picture 6/20/14 – 10:03am

From: Withheld

To: “No”

LOA is a part of the Greene County Public School System.  The students attending LOA are considered students and counted as students of the Greene County Public School System just like the students at the Union Point STEAM Academy Charter School.  Plain and simple, no matter how you slice it, just because LOA is a public charter school does NOT make it “private.”

I believe the Blog Admin should have censored your post for your comment claiming that LOA discriminates against the rest of the school system as there is no basis for such a statement when the majority of the students attending LOA are from outside of the lake area.  Can you defend (using the true definition of discrimination) your statement with supporting examples and specifics?  Of course not, because LOA does no such thing.

Tremendous efforts are underway to try to “fix” the school in Union Point, so the “Big Picture” IS being worked on.  LOA is just one of five public schools in Greene County that has demonstrated that success can be attained.  Why blame LOA for doing well and condemn them?  Support what is working while challenging what is not to improve.  What efforts have you made towards fixing the “Big Picture”?

In case you have missed it in previous posts, the school system as a whole, not counting LOA, has been failing for decades and no one has seemed to care until LOA proved we have exceptionally talented kids all across the county.  Now everyone wants what LOA delivers, but wants to stagnate LOA’s inevitable growth to solve the “Big Picture.”  How will stagnating LOA fix the rest of the schools and solve the “Big Picture”?  Can’t LOA expand concurrent with efforts to fix the rest of the system?  Please explain why the efforts can’t be accomplished concurrently.  In other words, how does fighting against LOA fix the rest of the system?

As far as you paying taxes for schools as I assume by your statement that you no longer have any kids in school, I suspect people just like you paid school taxes while your kids were in school, much like people just like you paid school taxes when you were in school.  If you are suggesting that retirees should be exempt from paying school taxes, what about young couples who choose not to have kids (or can’t), shouldn’t they also be exempted?  If I choose to not use the new local hospital, shouldn’t I be exempt from paying my share of the $1M in indigent care funding they are seeking from the county?

Schools are built all over Georgia where growth is taking place and anticipated, which is why the hospital chose to move to the lake area right near LOA as this area is destined for growth.  This growth will actually help lower your tax burden over time as there will be more businesses and people paying.  I just can’t understand why something as common as building or expanding a school is such an issue to some people when it is a natural progression all over the world.  In this case, LOA is an exceptional school among the best in the State and should be supported…most communities would embrace a school like LOA and support it, but somehow Greene County is “special” for sure!

I have lived here for several decades now and at one time worked with others to try to help “fix” the school system.  Every school board I dealt with as part of a core group that wanted better for Greene County children refused to admit there was a problem in the first place, so how can we try to fix something when the responsible party fails to see it is broken?  LOA was the first step that helped to illustrate that there is a problem.  So despite whatever disgust you must have for LOA, it has challenged the entire district to admit that the “Big Picture” needs to be solved.

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Pay For Private School 6/19/14 – 10:09pm

Author : No

Dear Anony,

No, the reason people care now is because you want the rest of us to pay for your “Private” public school that is set up to discriminate against the rest of the shool system. Plain and simple, no matter how you slice it, or try to justify it. Fixing one school instead of the entire district does not solve the “Big Picture”. Making me pay school tax, when I’ve been out of that crowd for many many years is bad enough. Paying even more for your special school makes it worse.

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Want A a Return 6/19/14 – 9:36pm

Author : Johnathan Mearsk 

To: “The Reynolds Curmudgeon”

Maybe our gauge is different, maybe it’s not?
I first set foot in Greene county in 1958, when you could stretch a string across the Oconee river and catch a catfish. The primary landholder was Georgia Kraft.
So I know a little about how Greene county was.
Change is inevitable, we don’t always like it.

My point is, if I have pay taxes, I want a 110% ROI. I want Greene county to grow its tax base to share the tax burden on all of the residents. Greene will never grow without a good infrastructure. Schools are the pillar of a great infrastructure.

Greene county has never had a good school system, it never will regardless of the BOC,BOE,  the administrator or how much money you throw at it.

LOA is my 110% ROI of my tax dollar.

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