New Program In Putnam 10/16/14 – 12:04pm

From: Donna Silva

Putnam County High School (PCHS) is offering a new program to students beginning in the 2014-2015 school year! PCHS was awarded a $2.4 million grant from the US Department of Labor last spring, and with the funding, PCHS developed the Youth Empowerment for Success (YES) Program. YES students will complete all requirements for achievement of a high school diploma, while earning college credit. YES Program courses include academic dual-enrollment as well as technical classes in the areas of healthcare, information technology, and welding. PCHS has partnered with colleges, community, and businesses in order to ensure meaningful and transferable experiences for program students. Within the YES Program, students will also learn the soft skills necessary for life after high school and have an assortment of ways to explore opportunities available to them post-graduation. Students will be able to explore the world of work through career fairs and employer site visits, as well as obtain
on-the-job training during internships and job shadowing. They also will have a chance to look into institutions of higher education by recruitment visits, college fairs, and campus tours. Additionally, each YES Program student will be able to hear guest speakers from high-demand industries, participate in mentorships, and work on service learning projects. The YES Program was created with the main goal of providing students with the education, skills, and opportunities that will help them be successful when they leave PCHS!

Please join us for an informational meeting on Tuesday, October 28th at 6:00pm in the PCHS Café!  Contact Katherine Reid or Donna Silva at 706-485-9971 to RSPV or for more information

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A Tremendous Success 10/10/14 – 9:28pm

From: Rusty Moses

Kudos to everyone involved with the Big Break tournament last week.  The Great Waters course was great shape, the players gave us some exciting golf, and the staff and volunteers did a great job.  The views of Reynolds from the Met Life blimp showed the Golf Channel audience the beauty of  Reynolds/Lake Oconee that we all enjoy.  We had a Golf Channel employee for dinner during the tournament, and she said everyone was raving about the beauty and hospitality of Reynolds Plantation.
All in all, I think the week was a tremendous success, and I look forward to the tournament returning next year.

Rusty Moses

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How Much? 10/10/14 – 9:20pm

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

PLEASE…someone…anyone…tell us TAXPAYERS how much the attorneys hired by the boc etal to take this case to the State Supreme Court will cost US????



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Oral Arguments Re LOA 10/8/2014 – 7:34pm

From: Golfing Girl

Want to listen to the roughly 30 minute supreme court case involving the development authority and LOA?  Here is the link.  Once there select the VIEW next to the case a little down the page.  About a 30 minute live taping of the oral arguments.

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Don’t Get Dander Up 10/1/14 – 11:31am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

OK…OK…before the loa supporters get their “dander up” [whatever that means] I KNOW all too well the loa is NOT a “semi private” school…but it sure seems that way at times.  Oops!  There I go again….lol.

Relax folks it’s a beautiful day at the lake.

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“Semi-Private” 10/1/14 – 11:24am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

A ” semi private” school paid for by TAXPAYERS…perhaps the “TAXPAYERS” should also assist Nathaniel Greene?

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LOA, National Blue Ribbon 9/30/14 – 11:00pm


Lake Oconee Academy selected as one of the best schools in the nation.

A dozen schools in Georgia were honored as National Blue Ribbon Schools because of high academic achievement or success in closing the performance gap between different groups of students, the U.S. Department of Education announced Tuesday.

The Georgia schools were among 337 chosen for Blue Ribbon designation.

Four of the Georgia schools — Blessed Trinity Catholic High in Roswell, Pinecrest Academy in Cumming, Saint Jude the Apostle Catholic School in Atlanta and Savannah Christian Prep Middle in Savannah — are private.

The eight public schools honored are: Big A Elementary in Eastanollee, Centralhatchee Elementary in Franklin, Elite Scholars Academy Charter in Morrow, Lake Oconee Academy in Greensboro, Medlock Bridge Elementary in Johns Creek, South Forsyth Middle in Cumming, Stallings Island Middle in Martinez and Wadsworth Magnet School for High Achievers in Decatur.

Nationally, 287 Blue Ribbon schools are public, and 50 are private. All will be recognized during a ceremony Nov. 10-11 in Washington, D.C.

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Big Break Thanks 9/30/14 – 10:00pm

Author : James Brooks
Thanks to Mercer Reynolds for Big Break. He is the one that made it happen.
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Big Break Invitational Preview 9/30/14 – 11:00am

From: Proud Member

Live Today 3pm Golf Channel

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More People 9/29/14 – 4:50pm

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon


I suspect,  like usual, it’s about $$$$$$$$.  How to get more people to play and pay.


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Goofiness Gone 9/29/14 – 8:35am

From: Tim Smith

Subject: 15 inch holes

Does ANYONE like the idea of 15 inch holes on golf courses?   I’ve become generally loyal to TMAG brand, but IMO this is a really dumb idea.  Would love to see this goofiness gone from real golf courses…have them try it on mini-golf.

Tim Smith

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Alert: Greene Co SO 9/24/14 – 2:16pm

GREENE CO SO: Hay field fire, Veazey Rd in the area of Syrup Mill Crossing,
watch for responders and avoid the area
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No Place For Rumors 9/23/14 – 8:19pm

Author : Kudos to Nextdoor RP

If the administrators for Nextdoor RP took down a rumor post YEAH.  THAT wesite is a great resource tool. It is no place for Rumors.  Let the bloggers play here where most anything goes.

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Management Change 9/22/14 – 7:04pm

From: Inquiring Mind

Does anyone know if rumor posted and then removed from “Nextdoor RP” re Rabun Neal and Gray Ferguson being terminated is true?

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Golf Instructors 9/19/14 – 8:55am

Author : Looking

Are there any female golf instructors in this area?


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Night Golf 9/15/14 – 10:12pm

From: Martin Burns

Who’s brilliant idea was to have a night golf tournament at Great Waters at 9:00 PM,  using gl0w balls?  I DO NOT care if it was a charity event or whatever.  Dumb idea!!  Especially if you’re at the 150 marker on a dogleg. I do not need golf balls hitting my deck at night.

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Real Names 9/15/14 – 10:00pm


I understand that there are two sides to every story, but putting that aside, what I would like to point out is this: Dee Lindsey signs his real name to his posts.
Why do you go by “Anonymous”? Can you not stand behind what you say?
I think anyone who posts on this blog should have to use  and sign their REAL name
Carlene Noggle

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Of What? 9/15/14 – 8:36am

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

Anonymous…I guess you never heard of the “CAVE” folks?????????

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Please Explain 9/14/14 – 6:21pm

From:  Anonymous

Can you explain to us from your FB post that you say “That’s why I call on all BOE candidates to put their money where their mouth is.  Put your children in the system you wish to control.  Unless you have the “skin in the game,” constituents will never take your promises as sincere.

Are you saying that if people who are running for BOE have children or are associated with LOA in any way, you don’t approve or would vote for them?  You have said numerous time that you are pro-lake, pro-charter, pro Union Point, pro-Everything.  Why should it matter where candidates have their children?  You’ve also said plenty of time that you respect everyone choice where they send there kids to school.  So my question is this, If I was running for BOE why would it matter if my child goes to LOA?   Do you have that much hatred towards LOA?  Any yes, you are anti-LOA.

On this blog you keep talking about division in the county.  I live in one of the gated communities on the lake, not once have I heard of anyone talking about the division of the county.  You, and mostly others from Union Point seem to be talking about that.  I believe you have started the division.  Can you references the blog where people at the lake area want a division from Union Point, or other parts of the county?

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What A Relief 9/13/14 – 4:36pm

From: Just Wondering

Re:  Power outage stops fans.
The power is out Saturday afternoon while writing this.  I went out on the back deck on the Plantation course for some air and noticed it seemed unusually quiet. It was because the fan on the green had stopped running for the first time in months. What a relief!  Have a place here mainly for some peace and quiet.  Just switch over to Bermuda like most other places have for goodness sake!  They are noise pollution and a nuisance.  From:  Just wondering.

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Must Be Honest And Open 8/9/14 – 7:52am

From: Dee

It is really difficult to set back and watch all the unnecessary division created within my beloved home county. Some blame it on greed and arrogance. Others blame it on jealousy and a lack of self-initiative. Both of those are perhaps partially to blame.  However, I will take it a step beyond and also blame it on a lack of understanding and lack of willingness to objectively listen and act cooperatively.

For the past 15-20 years or more, our county has suffered from an identity crisis. We’re at odds between the false perceptions of a backwards rural society and an emerging affluent retirement destination. To date, our leadership has failed miserably in their responsibility to put such divisions to rest. It’s sad to see our political players pit one group against another.

If only our leadership could all take a deep breath and take an objective look at the “masses in the middle,” we would realize we’re all in this together — that we can never succeed by any faulty “divide and conquer” strategy.

Whatever happened to finding common ground?   Whatever happened to open and honest public discussions of the issues?  When did we have to become so secretive with our motives and plans?  When did we determine the general public to be so incapable of being the trusted soundboard for all conceived public initiatives for their own future?

On the other hand, just this weekend, I attended a public education strategy forum hosted by our “brand new” school superintendent.  He actually stood vulnerably before a public audience…all by himself…and asked for public input…with no deputies or additional security on standby.  There were no strict rules. There were no sign up cards and no time-clock constraints. People simply raised their hands and were politely allowed to say or ask whatever was on their heart.

Here was a lone man asking his new community what he could do to help us. How refreshing was that? No political posturing, no safeguard rules, and no “I know better than you” condescending remarks. How did that turn out? The answer is, Excellent! He was asked some tough questions and put on the spot. He responded openly, affirmatively, and honestly. He met his constitutes head-on and immediately addressed their concerns…again, on the spot.  No hedging and no delays. He actually added two new venues (by public request) to the forum schedule to be sure all citizens could be heard and have a voice.  For this jaded citizen, it was truly an amazing sight to behold.

My question is this: Why can’t this be the norm rather than the exception? Are special interests now so infiltrated that we must suppress every meeting with cumbersome rules for public opinions?  Who stands to benefit there?

My point is this: It’s well beyond time for Greene County to grasp the concept of honest and open local government. I shouldn’t have to file suit to get their attention (although I’m more than willing to see that case through if necessary).  But the fact is, we don’t need to air any more local dirty laundry. Instead, we need to work together and turn things around for all of Greene County.  We have so much potential we could all realize simply by working together.  Unfortunately, our current majority leadership is dead set in their diversionary tactics and unwilling to meet us “masses in the middle.”

This isn’t about “us” republicans or “those” democrats. It’s about one rural county doing what’s best for its citizens and its future.

Continue down this road of
division if you want…but remember…you stood at the crossroads of history and you made the choice.  Call your commissioner.

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Cost Of Legal Fees? 8/7/14 – 3:02pm

 Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

Hi Dee:

Thank you for keeping us posted on the latest events etc.

I find it curious and interesting that the loa/boc/boe supporters haven’t replied to any of your comments.

I also wonder ALOUD…just how much are all the attorneys hired by the boc and the boe costing the taxpayers……past, present and future????????


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Update On Revenue Bond (LOA)Court Appeal 9/2/14 – 8:09pm

From: Dee Lindsey

I continue to be asked about the status of the Greene County BOC’s attempt to overturn the Superior Court’s ruling so I thought it appropriate to give an update at this time.

Late last year, certain members of the Greene County BOC began the process of attempting to pass a public indebtedness and tax measure in order to fund a controversial expansion of an optional charter school.

Earlier this year, the Superior Court denied the $14 million revenue bond initiative of the BOC and determined their highly unorthodox efforts were contrary to law and that the BOC and GCDA lacked the authority to issue such bonds.

My position has always been that “revenue” bonds, by law, must be repaid from “revenue” produced by the project as required by law.  In the past, revenue bonds through the GCDA (Greene County Development Authority) have been issued for various industrial projects whereby the particular industry or project directly repaid the bonds from their “revenue.”   In this case however, the proposed recipient of the revenue bonds produces no revenue to repay the bonds as is required by law.

Despite this, our BOC leadership decided to be the first ever in the State to attempt the issuance of “revenue” bonds for a public charter school expansion project whereby the citizenry (not the recipient) would be required to repay the bonds for a project totally outside the legal authority and oversight of the local BOC.  That’s quite a brazen move and a slap in the face to our constitutional way of conducting the people’s business.

Alternatively, there actually exist another type of bond issuance which is commonly utilized and legally accepted for indebtedness related to such public school expansion.  It’s called “general obligation” bonds.  In fact, these bonds do not require the participation of the GCDA at all.  The local BOE can float these bonds after a simple affirmative referendum of the county’s voters.  The BOC can also do the same for worthwhile projects falling within their authority.

So, the question now becomes, why in the world would either the BOE or the BOC seek “revenue” bonds via the GCDA (Greene County Development Authority) when each of them already have the legal capacity within their legislated powers to float “general obligation” bonds on their own?  The only obvious and apparent reason for attempting this is to circumvent the citizens and undermine established lawful practices.

“Revenue” bonds passed by the GCDA do not require voter approval and usually fly below the public radar.   You might recall all of this was to have been a done-deal early last December — had not the public figured out what was being attempted without their knowledge. Via political appointees on the GCDA, the BOC has attempted to bypass the BOE and deny the voters a say in a move that could have grave local economic consequences for our already struggling towns, traditional communities, and existing school system.

Although the Superior Court ruled against them, the BOC has decided to appeal to the Georgia Supreme Court and they have quietly enlisted the support of four additional attorneys from the expensive law firm of King & Spalding (at your expense).  These four Atlanta attorneys will join their three local attorneys in an attempt to overrule the Superior Court ruling from earlier this year.  The case is currently docketed for October 6th and we plan to be there to represent the interests of the citizens.

I greatly appreciate the overwhelming countywide support we have received throughout this ordeal and I look forward to the day when we can eventually put this bad chapter behind us and finally begin working together openly for the greater benefit of all.

For all those who’ve expressed a willingness to financially support the GC citizens’ legal fund, donations are greatly appreciated.   Checks can be made payable to:
One Greene County
1600 HWY 77 N
Union Point, GA. 30669

Additionally, deposits can be made directly at BB&T in Greensboro or Lake Oconee under the name of:
One Greene County
c/o F. Dee Lindsey
(Please be sure to write in your name on the deposit slip so thanks can be forwarded.  All donations will remain confidential.)


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Traffic Alert – I-20 Overturned Truck WB 9/2/14 – 5:00pm

GREENE CO SO: Overturned truck, I 20 west bound, 136 mile marker, both lanes blocked

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Traffic Alert 9/2/14 – 12:45pm

GREENE CO SO: accident on Carey Station Rd near Lake Oconee Academy, avoid the area until the scene is clear, watch for responders.

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Labor Day Weekend

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Patriot Golf Day 8/30/14 – 10:04am

From:  WSJ 
Aug. 29, 2014 6:07 p.m. ET


Labor Day, golf and beer may sound like the ingredients for a pretty solid work break to millions of Americans. But thanks to Dan Rooney, a former fighter pilot and Iraq War veteran, they will add up to much more on thousands of courses across the country this weekend.

Seven years ago Mr. Rooney started the Folds of Honor Foundation to provide scholarships for the children of service members killed or disabled in our nation’s defense.

Getty Images

A golf course operator in civilian life, Mr. Rooney created Patriot Golf Day to help fund this educational mission. Every Labor Day weekend, duffers nationwide are asked to kick in a little extra on top of their greens fees to support Folds of Honor. In some places, for example, club pros or courses donate driving range fees collected on one of the weekend days. Thanks to help from the PGA and the U.S. Golf Association, more than a third of America’s roughly 14,000 golf courses are now celebrating Patriot Golf Day.

With additional help from lead sponsor Budweiser, Folds of Honor raises about $10 million per year and supports thousands of military families with scholarships covering everything from private grade school to cosmetology courses to graduate degree programs, depending on student needs. Mr. Rooney reports that while the kids express gratitude for the educational opportunities, he’s been struck by how often they also thank him for honoring the sacrifices of their loved ones.

This weekend all Americans should remember the sacrifices that allow us to savor these last days of summer as free people.


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Who’s The Person 8/28/14 – 8:33 pm

From: Phil Boswell

Who is the person who replied to my blog & will not put his name to his blog. Is he embarrassed about his opinion?

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Golf Course Condition EXCELLENT!!!! 8/28/14 – 2:57pm

From:  Sender Seender

To Phil Boswellpt:  I must play different Oconee and other courses her at Reynolds. I and all the people I play with (several large “groups”) see the course conditions as excellent.  Best ever in our years here.

We also think the food service and quality is excellent.

Is there room for improvement? Of course, there always is.  I guess we just have a different view of the world.     
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Poor Product 8/27/14 – 6:36pm

From: Phil Boswellpt

When are the members of Reynolds going to stand up  & demand better food service & better golf course conditions. Played the Oconee course today  & it was terrible. There is no excuse for this condition this time of year . Everybody makes excuses for the food services & golf courses but nobody complains.  We deserved better than we are getting. Do not sit back & accept.  & accept this poor product!

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