Re Classified 4/25/15 – 10:16 am


Please take a look at the classifieds tab today under miscellaneous.  Have just posted two estate rings that you may be interested in.  Local jewelers have looked at them,and there’s a certified appraisal on one.  Take a look!  Will be posting other collectibles from the estate soon.

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Traffic Alert 4/23/15 – 2:46pm

GREENE CO SO: AVOID Lake Oconee Parkway at the Lake Oconee Bridge for the next 30 minutes due to a small grass fire.

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Lost Dog 4/20/15 – 9:40pm

Author : marilyn lakeman

Today around 12 my Boykin spaniel got out in Great Waters  on hole number 8. She is
9 months old brown curly ears and totally brown. She weighs about 25 lbs. Her name is Reagan. Her collar is red. Her rabies tag fell off. Her vet is Dr.Robert at Durhams. We are so heartbroken. If anyone has seen her will you please call me at 706-347-3860,

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Why Dismissed 4/20/15 – 6:11pm



Thanks you for the up-date.

Question…why was the case dismissed at the trial court?

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More On Law Suit 4/18/15 – 6:43pm


According to the applicable on-line Dockets, the Georgia Court of Appeals affirmed the Trial Court ruling dismissing the case. Ms. Digan then filed a Writ of Certiorari (an interlocutory appeal) with the Georgia Supreme Court. It is completely at the discretion of the Georgia Supreme Court as to whether it accepts the appeal.

Perhaps Ms. Digan can furnish additional information.

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Status Of Law Suit 4/18/15 – 6:46pm

Author : LES REED

The lawsuit filed on 9/12/2012 in Fulton County Georgia Superior Court. The case was dismissed without prejudice on 12/10/2013  See:

Mary Ann Digan, one of the plaintiffs, appealed the judgment to the Georgia Court of Appeals on 12/23/2013 where it now sits.

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Don’t Understand No Recourse 4/17/15 – 6:10pm

From: Former Member

Can someone update me on whatever happened to any legal action against Mercer Reynolds/RP as to the membership money ($140 million)?

Or tell me whom to call to get the update.
To this day I still don’t understand how I lost $65,000 to Mercer, yet have no recourse!
On top of that my RE agents told me numerous times that if you bought at RP, the golf membership had to be done on the day of closing, but it was a “deposit” and if we ever sold, we’d get that back. They are at fault as much as MR and myself (for not reading the fine print.)
And, to air it all out, still equally stunned by MetLife telling me I could keep my membership to sell but it had to NO value between me and them, YET they turned around and sold my buyer an new membership for $35,000! Say what! When they didn’t even throw me a bone, I knew people staying there were in for a long struggle.

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Unfair To Taxpayers 4/17/15 – 9:44am

From: Taxpayer Advocate

Having read the Herald Journal article about the possible Georgia State Patrol Post move to Greensboro from Madison, I can’t delay engaging this issue with my elected Board of Commissioners.  I sincerely hope that you will not make any conclusions without substantial diligence and fact-finding.  I strongly support the professionalism of the State Patrol, so my input is from a conservative perspective versus an issue with the GSP.

First, with a facility cost ranging from $1.2-$1.6million for construction all at the expense of the Greene County taxpayer, such a huge expense should be well thought out with numerous public input meetings held throughout the county.  The following non-exclusive list of questions should be addressed:

1. In what verifiable, conclusive, and quantifiable way(s) does the moving of the GSP Post benefit the taxpayers of Greene County to justify the cost that would have to be borne?

2. If the construction cost totals $1.2-$1.6million, will the Greene County taxpayers have to pay additional amounts for IT infrastructure, copiers, computers, furniture, phone system, generator, and other needs to make the facility usable?

3. If the Post is not staffed, how does the location of the Post meaningfully and measurably impact the service and location of the troopers such that the citizens of Greene County benefit more with the Post here than they do now?  What verifiable basis exists now that can be shared and proven to establish that Morgan County residents receive a higher level of service from GSP than other counties in the service area due to the non-staffed Post being located there?  Will GSP confirm, explain, and provide facts to support the theory that Greene County residents will see a higher level of service from them with a Post here than we would without the Post here? Will GSP go on record to confirm that Morgan County receives a higher level of service, or a higher traffic enforcement effort by their troopers, due to the Post being located there as compared to other counties in their service area?

4. Since the GSP already works all of the traffic accident investigations in Greene County, how is our position, or that of our resources improved in any way?

5. We heard for months that the litter on State Highways was the State’s responsibility…why is the facility to house GSP not also the State’s responsibility?

6. If having the Post in your county is such a benefit, and all Morgan County has to do is some renovations to an existing facility at far less in cost than we would face, why is Morgan so willing to let it go?

7. Since there are only “2-3″ troopers on the road at any given time covering 20 counties, how does having a Post in Greene County guarantee us any greater availability of coverage given that these troopers will be required to provide coverage to the whole 20-county area regardless of the location of the Post?

8. GSP has twice before threatened to leave Morgan County as leverage to get something additional from the county, will the same practice be used to hold Greene County “over the barrel”?

9. If Greene County made such a substantial investment, what absolute guarantee would we have that the Post would remain here such that the return on such investment would be fully realized? Will the State provide a written guarantee that the Post will continue to operate as they historically have operated for the next 20 years or so? What prevents the State from consolidating into larger regions as technology affords (the troopers office is their car)?

10. With the notion that the investment is worth it due to increased fine revenue, yet the GSP states that they are not a revenue-generating agency that issues mostly warnings, how can we spend tax dollars relying on such a “pie-in-the-sky” premise?

11. I had heard that a proposed law would divert all of the fine revenue from GSP citations to the State, so if that does happen, we would actually lose revenue…how can we take such a risk?

12. Since the city governments get revenue from traffic citations, will the 5 city governments in Greene County provide funding for this project if it is pursued?

13. The Herald Journal says that a decision will be made in 60 days, will the total cost of the project be made public through public forums before such a decision? Why would we rush to make such a decision as it seems something like this would take years to manifest?

14. Why would this project not be voted upon by the citizens?

15. This project seems a better fit for SPLOST, which would also allow for an element of public vote, so why not include it on the next SPLOST ballot?

16. If coverage at accidents is of concern, why can’t the deputies I see on I-20 all the time be used on the accident scenes to supplement the regular deputies on the road? Don’t we also have other law enforcement personnel that could be utilized in these limited instances such as investigators, administrative officers, other? How will the location of the GSP Post improve this anyway since the Post is not staffed and deputies will still have to respond, do traffic control, and wait on a trooper? Will the arrival of a trooper allow the deputies to leave the accident scene? If not, then how does this constitute any benefit in this regard?

17. Since this is a State function and responsibility, yet fire protection is a local function and responsibility, shouldn’t priority be given to investing in a higher level of fire protection first? Local radio reported that two people died in a house fire last night in Greene County including a young child, are we not overdue in providing better support and resources to the volunteers that work hard to provide an equally important public safety service? Couldn’t paid firefighters help with the traffic at wrecks to free-up deputies and also provide more concentrated local benefit over what a state agency can provide (guarantee)?

18. The whole notion of increased traffic fines to pay for the costs of the Post is questionable in the first place, but wouldn’t the bulk of this money come from Greene County citizens? Wouldn’t this same potential revenue be realizable through enforcement by Greene County law enforcement? At a certain point, better enforcement will amount to compliance and lower revenue, so wouldn’t the law of diminishing returns come into play if relying upon revenue from traffic fines to justify this facility cost?

19. Since the Post is not staffed, why is such a large facility (6500 sq ft) needed?

20. If this is deemed to be so beneficial, why not utilize the building between the Health Department and the Mental Health Department that is under utilized now? I am not sure what is in that building but was told it is owned by the County BOC and rented to some group…can’t that group be removed or relocated? Which is more beneficial, that group or GSP? What about the under-utilized Athens Tech building?

21. Last, but most important, where will such a substantial capital outlay come from? Will the county have to borrow the money? Carrying cost will cause a tax increase for sure, does this project fit into the overall short and long-term priorities that are appropriately weighted in terms of cost versus benefit analysis?  Will this evaluation, list of priorities, and sources of funding be shared publicly so that sharing of perspective can be made through public meetings throughout the county?

I apologize for the length, but hope this helps in your evaluation of this potential venture.  Perhaps the facts will support such a venture, but the facts should be carefully obtained before emotional basis is used to leap down a path. As I may choose to run for office next year, I prefer to remain anonymous for now…needless to say, I am very concerned about the certain, and likely significant tax increase that will result if this project is pursued as it does not appear to be appropriately defensible and beneficial to the taxpayers expected to foot the bill.

Kindest Regards,

A Taxpayer Advocate

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Will Take Whole County 4/17/15 – 9:39am

Author : Jennifer Vaughan

The Board voted on the priorities list and for the most part stuck to what voters passed in the referendum.  Thank you to all who attended the meeting. It is important to stay involved, it will take our whole county to turn our schools around and lower taxes.

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Report on BOE? 4/14/15 – 5:05pm


So…can anyone report join the BoE meeting??????

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BOE Meeting Place 4/13/15 – 2:39pm

Author : Taxpayer
The meetings are in downtown Greensboro. The building is in the right hand side past the high school on the right directly across from the library.

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BOE Where 4/13/15 – 2:15pm

Author : Concerned Taxpayer

I checked the BOE website to see where meetings are held.  It says the CBJ building.  I guess we are supposed to know where that is!  Can anyone inform me with directions, pleas

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BOE Meets Tonight 4/13/15 – 8:35am

From: Jennifer Vaughan

The BOE is having a meeting tonight at 6pm and how to spend ESPLOST  tax dollars is on the agenda.  Whatever your position, the BOE is trying to not follow the referendum that was passed by over 72% of the voters. There is a push to reallocate funds to pet projects of the board members instead of following the guidance of the administrators for each of the schools. This is the reason why we pay so much in taxes, Greene County pays in the top 5% per student, but our schools are in the bottom 10%.

The Board members Cobb and Smith are pushing to get rid of the ESPLOST oversight committee which is made up of taxpayers from across the county and to not allow public comment at their meetings. Hunt in District 3 votes with them so now there will be a majority  to do whatever these members want with our tax dollars.

The entire BOE needs to hear our voices!  The BOE must use the money the way it was intended and lower our property taxes.  The BOE must start following the guidance of the Superintendant and improve the quality of ALL Greene county schools.

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Favoritism 4/13/15 8:30am


A 21 year old man, wise and mature beyond his years, WINs, wire to wire, the greatest; the most prestigious; the most famous;  and most watched sporting event in the world.  Yet the “USA Today” profiles hillary clinton on the front page.

Admittedly JORDAN SPEITH’s photo and comment about his -18 WIN was above the banner.

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Kudos 4/12/15 – 5:17pm

From: Sharon Noonan

Just wanted to give a praise to Bug House, especially
Employee Johnnie. He has done a great job
On both if our properties, which had become infested
With bats and squirrels. Thank you for a job well

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Easter 2015

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Traffic Alert 3/30/15 – 5:27pm

GREENE CO SO:  Avoid Linger Longer Road at Pike Nursery for the next hour due to Traffic Accident.

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Forgiveness 3/29/15 – 12:18pm

Author : Compassion
In the spirit of the Easter Season–let’s just forgive yogia7–He (she) cannot possibly know what he (she) is saying!

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No Excuse For What Can Control 3/26/15 – 9:20pm

Author : RP Out of towner re Taxpayers comment on GOod Schopls

To Taxpayer re “Good Schools” – If you are saying that good schools help attract new young talent for RP I understand but can agree only to a point. The level of experience and likely age I am suggesting to consider for replacing or augmenting RP leadersh at the most senior executive levels are most likely individuals who are in their 50′s with some 20+ years of proven leadership with other great hospitality or customer service companies. These folks usually have college age kids already out of the house or in fact, some who are very well qualified might even (gasp!) not have kids at all.

So I think the LOA/BOE quagmire and what comes across as petty small political jealousies in my opinion is separate from and has nothing to do with lacking leadership on site at RP. Let’s be sure we don’t use our school issues as an excuse for improving something that IS within our (or DAniel/ML’s) control…and focus on seeing RP improve as it certainly needs to…

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The Answer-Replace BOE 3/26/15 – 8:18pm

From: Insanity

To:  yogia7
I normally try to avoid posting on the Blog, but occasionally someone post something so void of any logic that it forces me to engage…you have hit that threshold!  No one has to “suggest” that we do NOT have good traditional public schools.  The dropout/graduation rate, standardized test scores, state and national rankings, and other objective data clearly establish that the schools falling directly under the purview and control of the Greene County Board of Education are FAILING and have been for a very long time (including since well before LOA came into existence).
This historic and consistent failure has been realized while seeing some of the highest per-student spending in the state and country on the students falling in the schools that the Greene County Board of Education directly controls and manages.  LOA receives the lowest amount of funding per student out of all the public schools in Greene County.
Closing LOA will not change the other schools, and spending even more money on the other schools will not cause any meaningful improvement either.  My suggestion to fix the schools falling directly under the Board of Education’s control is to replace the members of the Board of Education that are failing our kids; get rid of the “dead weight” and put the excessive tax dollars taken from us and put them to more efficient use; stop social promotion; raise the standards; require parental involvement; set academic and parental involvement standards that must be met for students to participate in sports; and begin the difficult generational paradigm shift that is needed in the community to support such actions and desired results.
Closing LOA would be like selling your car that runs and keeping the car that has not run in years all while needing operable transportation to support your needs.  To further the analogy, the broken car remains broken despite the years of excessive spending on “fixes” that didn’t work, and all the elected mechanics in charge of fixing your car have no clue of what to do, or how to do it, and all they can do is argue about what is wrong with it or even deny that it won’t run in the first place.  And rather than work with the newly hired mechanic that has expertise, the elected mechanics are tying his hands; and rather than seek cooperation from the mechanic down the street that has virtually the same engine running great, the elected mechanics refuse such contact and try to destroy that car.
A question for you “yogia7”…are you suggesting that we DO have good schools operating under the direct control of the Greene County Board of Education despite the objective data?  How will closing LOA change the other schools?  If you do acknowledge the failure of the schools operating directly under the Greene County Board of Education, what other suggestions do you have to solve the failures (other than closing LOA)?

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Should Work Together Not Against 3/26/15 – 4:21pm

From: Lake Resident

To: Yogia7,
That comment was so ignorant I had to read it twice.  Why close LOA when it’s excelling like a school should.   LOA is the #1 elementary school in Georgia, one of the top 50 in the nation, a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.   Throwing money at the other schools will not fix them, I don’t care how you look at it.

Why doesn’t the 3 board members who are against LOA, take a step back and realize that LOA has it figured out, and they should learn from them.  Their hatred towards LOA is completely ludicrous.

Ask the 3 board members why they wanted to change verbiage from a strategic plan that simply states the possibility for discussion and development.  Working with LOA instead to working against them would be the best thing for the failing schools.

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Close One 3/26/15 – 2:37pm

From: yogia7


are you suggesting we don’t have good schools? If so what do you suggest to fix them? how about closing LOA and spending that money on green county schools!!!!!!!

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Need Good Schools 3/26/15 – 12:31pm

Author : Taxpayer

How do you expect to attract young, fresh talent to this area without good schools that their kids can attend?

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Lapse In Leadership 3/25/15 – 9:57am

Author : re RP Mgmt

Embarrassing, pathetic, and INexcusable…why do we continue tolerating these lapses in leadership? If we can’t cget even the simple stuff right on a consistent basis, what does that say for our future and the big issues that need vision and new energy? Without change we will fail to reach our potential.

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Reynolds Landing Health Inspection 88, 3/24/15 – 8:35pm

From: Concerned Diner

Reynolds Landing received a 88 on its last Health Inspection. Per the Health Inspection Report, The Landings had the 3rd lowest rating in all of Greene County. This is our only club restaurant that is open for lunch! Why do we as club members let this happen??? Would a bad case of food poisoning get their attention?

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Managing vs Leading 3/24/15 – 9:36am

Author : From Out of town 10 yr Member who really does care

to ‘former employee’ and all Members Re Current Mgmt

I can assure ‘former employee ‘there are other very well qualified senior level leadership individuals with decades of customer service exp who might be terrific candidates to improve on RP if ML/Daniel would search.  Any great cust service driven would have made significant changes after 2 yrs of buying RP.

And yes I believe youthful energy exp outside RP and a more open engaging enthusiastic at leadership would rally the Members and pump in some much needed new confidence by Members and fresh approaches. The same operating folks who we were led by pre ML think and act as aloof now as they did 3 years ago? If we don’t seek to improve we will get what we deserve.  Great leadership would be that that ‘former employee’ and his/her peers would want to follow and be led by. Clearly that is missing, just read what ‘former employee’ is saying . Who is ultimately accountable? Anyone? no one?? Someone??? I say senior mgmt who are ‘managing’ but no where close to ‘leading,’ BIG Difference imo – Mwmbers who care…whatever your opinion…Speak Up!!

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Need Fresh Blood 3/23/15 – 3:19pm

Author : former employee

My comments were in response to a letter on the blog referring to the current management in place after the purchase of the Plantation by met life needs to be replaced with fresh blood.

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Enlighten Us 3/20/15 – 5:16pm

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

To: “former employee”.

Please…..enlighten us… to what employer and members do you refer?


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Dissatisfied People/Broken Equipment 3/20/15 – 1:50pm

Author : former employee

Your first problem is in thinking that there is anyone in the world with youthful energy , experience and commitment to customer service that could ever get the most vocal members support and confidence.  The members that you so fondly praise are some of the most miserable, self important, perpetually dissatisfied group of people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.  They are disrespectful and essentially have no idea what the committed employee is up against – the standards that the executive management has set up are impossible to uphold due to the disgusting broken down facilities, lack of  financial support and the level of employees your resort can attract (some of the very people some of your members begrudge a good education).   Young people come to Greensboro and for the most part are unimpressed.  If you are not retired, married with kids, have a good deal of money, there is nothing to keep them here.  Compound that with the daily disrespect and inefficient
operations and broken down/lack of equipment to do their job, they don’t stay or won’t return for summer work opportunities – just check the job postings.  Perhaps, at the end of the day, you should be grateful for the current management, after all, they did bring you through the economic downfall without too much suffering on the part of the member and  who else would do the job?  Reality check?!

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Why Difference In Performance 3/20/15 – 1:44pm

From: BStew

RE: Wanda
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the Greene County Schools do not perform at the level of Charter & Private Schools?  Probably Not.  It takes a great effort to receive a quality education.  This must come from all involved, administrators, teachers, students and parents.  In my opinion, which is only work the screen you are reading it on, the reason the Charter Schools do well is accountability.  They have the leverage to apply accountability to achieve the standard.  In the public school system there is no such thing. In my experience with the typical public school (another nearby county) the scenario is close to this:  Pressure is applied to student to do the work> student complains work is too hard/too much/too something to parent> parent complains to school work is too hard/too much/too something > school cowers to parent> educators are made to back off. I don’t even want to bring up the ability to control discipline in the classroom.  Educating a child is hard work;
unfortunately there are parents who are not willing to do their part.  It is much more complex than that but know that the downfall of the Public Education is rooted in appeasement.  You should encourage the BOE to adopt a similar system used by LOA.  See what response you get when you bring that up.
Your inference that people who have more money/higher incomes got it by inheritance or marriage is bull squeeze.  If you are not happy with your financial position in life do something about it. Don’t let your envy rule the day.

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