No Excuse For What Can Control 3/26/15 – 9:20pm

Author : RP Out of towner re Taxpayers comment on GOod Schopls

To Taxpayer re “Good Schools” – If you are saying that good schools help attract new young talent for RP I understand but can agree only to a point. The level of experience and likely age I am suggesting to consider for replacing or augmenting RP leadersh at the most senior executive levels are most likely individuals who are in their 50′s with some 20+ years of proven leadership with other great hospitality or customer service companies. These folks usually have college age kids already out of the house or in fact, some who are very well qualified might even (gasp!) not have kids at all.

So I think the LOA/BOE quagmire and what comes across as petty small political jealousies in my opinion is separate from and has nothing to do with lacking leadership on site at RP. Let’s be sure we don’t use our school issues as an excuse for improving something that IS within our (or DAniel/ML’s) control…and focus on seeing RP improve as it certainly needs to…

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The Answer-Replace BOE 3/26/15 – 8:18pm

From: Insanity

To:  yogia7
I normally try to avoid posting on the Blog, but occasionally someone post something so void of any logic that it forces me to engage…you have hit that threshold!  No one has to “suggest” that we do NOT have good traditional public schools.  The dropout/graduation rate, standardized test scores, state and national rankings, and other objective data clearly establish that the schools falling directly under the purview and control of the Greene County Board of Education are FAILING and have been for a very long time (including since well before LOA came into existence).
This historic and consistent failure has been realized while seeing some of the highest per-student spending in the state and country on the students falling in the schools that the Greene County Board of Education directly controls and manages.  LOA receives the lowest amount of funding per student out of all the public schools in Greene County.
Closing LOA will not change the other schools, and spending even more money on the other schools will not cause any meaningful improvement either.  My suggestion to fix the schools falling directly under the Board of Education’s control is to replace the members of the Board of Education that are failing our kids; get rid of the “dead weight” and put the excessive tax dollars taken from us and put them to more efficient use; stop social promotion; raise the standards; require parental involvement; set academic and parental involvement standards that must be met for students to participate in sports; and begin the difficult generational paradigm shift that is needed in the community to support such actions and desired results.
Closing LOA would be like selling your car that runs and keeping the car that has not run in years all while needing operable transportation to support your needs.  To further the analogy, the broken car remains broken despite the years of excessive spending on “fixes” that didn’t work, and all the elected mechanics in charge of fixing your car have no clue of what to do, or how to do it, and all they can do is argue about what is wrong with it or even deny that it won’t run in the first place.  And rather than work with the newly hired mechanic that has expertise, the elected mechanics are tying his hands; and rather than seek cooperation from the mechanic down the street that has virtually the same engine running great, the elected mechanics refuse such contact and try to destroy that car.
A question for you “yogia7”…are you suggesting that we DO have good schools operating under the direct control of the Greene County Board of Education despite the objective data?  How will closing LOA change the other schools?  If you do acknowledge the failure of the schools operating directly under the Greene County Board of Education, what other suggestions do you have to solve the failures (other than closing LOA)?

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Should Work Together Not Against 3/26/15 – 4:21pm

From: Lake Resident

To: Yogia7,
That comment was so ignorant I had to read it twice.  Why close LOA when it’s excelling like a school should.   LOA is the #1 elementary school in Georgia, one of the top 50 in the nation, a 2014 National Blue Ribbon School of Excellence.   Throwing money at the other schools will not fix them, I don’t care how you look at it.

Why doesn’t the 3 board members who are against LOA, take a step back and realize that LOA has it figured out, and they should learn from them.  Their hatred towards LOA is completely ludicrous.

Ask the 3 board members why they wanted to change verbiage from a strategic plan that simply states the possibility for discussion and development.  Working with LOA instead to working against them would be the best thing for the failing schools.

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Close One 3/26/15 – 2:37pm

From: yogia7


are you suggesting we don’t have good schools? If so what do you suggest to fix them? how about closing LOA and spending that money on green county schools!!!!!!!

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Need Good Schools 3/26/15 – 12:31pm

Author : Taxpayer

How do you expect to attract young, fresh talent to this area without good schools that their kids can attend?

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Lapse In Leadership 3/25/15 – 9:57am

Author : re RP Mgmt

Embarrassing, pathetic, and INexcusable…why do we continue tolerating these lapses in leadership? If we can’t cget even the simple stuff right on a consistent basis, what does that say for our future and the big issues that need vision and new energy? Without change we will fail to reach our potential.

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Reynolds Landing Health Inspection 88, 3/24/15 – 8:35pm

From: Concerned Diner

Reynolds Landing received a 88 on its last Health Inspection. Per the Health Inspection Report, The Landings had the 3rd lowest rating in all of Greene County. This is our only club restaurant that is open for lunch! Why do we as club members let this happen??? Would a bad case of food poisoning get their attention?

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Managing vs Leading 3/24/15 – 9:36am

Author : From Out of town 10 yr Member who really does care

to ‘former employee’ and all Members Re Current Mgmt

I can assure ‘former employee ‘there are other very well qualified senior level leadership individuals with decades of customer service exp who might be terrific candidates to improve on RP if ML/Daniel would search.  Any great cust service driven would have made significant changes after 2 yrs of buying RP.

And yes I believe youthful energy exp outside RP and a more open engaging enthusiastic at leadership would rally the Members and pump in some much needed new confidence by Members and fresh approaches. The same operating folks who we were led by pre ML think and act as aloof now as they did 3 years ago? If we don’t seek to improve we will get what we deserve.  Great leadership would be that that ‘former employee’ and his/her peers would want to follow and be led by. Clearly that is missing, just read what ‘former employee’ is saying . Who is ultimately accountable? Anyone? no one?? Someone??? I say senior mgmt who are ‘managing’ but no where close to ‘leading,’ BIG Difference imo – Mwmbers who care…whatever your opinion…Speak Up!!

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Need Fresh Blood 3/23/15 – 3:19pm

Author : former employee

My comments were in response to a letter on the blog referring to the current management in place after the purchase of the Plantation by met life needs to be replaced with fresh blood.

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Enlighten Us 3/20/15 – 5:16pm

Author : The Reynolds Curmudgeon

To: “former employee”.

Please…..enlighten us… to what employer and members do you refer?


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Dissatisfied People/Broken Equipment 3/20/15 – 1:50pm

Author : former employee

Your first problem is in thinking that there is anyone in the world with youthful energy , experience and commitment to customer service that could ever get the most vocal members support and confidence.  The members that you so fondly praise are some of the most miserable, self important, perpetually dissatisfied group of people I have ever had the displeasure of dealing with.  They are disrespectful and essentially have no idea what the committed employee is up against – the standards that the executive management has set up are impossible to uphold due to the disgusting broken down facilities, lack of  financial support and the level of employees your resort can attract (some of the very people some of your members begrudge a good education).   Young people come to Greensboro and for the most part are unimpressed.  If you are not retired, married with kids, have a good deal of money, there is nothing to keep them here.  Compound that with the daily disrespect and inefficient
operations and broken down/lack of equipment to do their job, they don’t stay or won’t return for summer work opportunities – just check the job postings.  Perhaps, at the end of the day, you should be grateful for the current management, after all, they did bring you through the economic downfall without too much suffering on the part of the member and  who else would do the job?  Reality check?!

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Why Difference In Performance 3/20/15 – 1:44pm

From: BStew

RE: Wanda
Have you ever stopped to ask yourself why the Greene County Schools do not perform at the level of Charter & Private Schools?  Probably Not.  It takes a great effort to receive a quality education.  This must come from all involved, administrators, teachers, students and parents.  In my opinion, which is only work the screen you are reading it on, the reason the Charter Schools do well is accountability.  They have the leverage to apply accountability to achieve the standard.  In the public school system there is no such thing. In my experience with the typical public school (another nearby county) the scenario is close to this:  Pressure is applied to student to do the work> student complains work is too hard/too much/too something to parent> parent complains to school work is too hard/too much/too something > school cowers to parent> educators are made to back off. I don’t even want to bring up the ability to control discipline in the classroom.  Educating a child is hard work;
unfortunately there are parents who are not willing to do their part.  It is much more complex than that but know that the downfall of the Public Education is rooted in appeasement.  You should encourage the BOE to adopt a similar system used by LOA.  See what response you get when you bring that up.
Your inference that people who have more money/higher incomes got it by inheritance or marriage is bull squeeze.  If you are not happy with your financial position in life do something about it. Don’t let your envy rule the day.

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Help Fellow Man 3/20/15 – 8:42am

Author : Donna Edwards

Thank you, Wanda McCannon!  Rich or poor, people should be humble and honest, willing to help their fellow man.  Dee put himself out there to stick up for the “little man”.   He gleaned nothing in return.  People who are not humble and honest never understand

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I Agree 3/19/17 – 6:00pm

Author : lake residence

I believe this went to Georgia Supreme Court. The court ruled what was right. I agree with the Judge!

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Answer To “All Have Good Education” 3/19/15 – 5:09pm

From: Lake Resident

1. First and foremost, LOA is not responsible for the other schools low test grades, and where they rank.
2. Why are you even brining up race?  You’re the only one bringing that up or talking about it.  It shouldn’t even be brought up.  Maybe you’re just used to that on a daily basis.
3. No one has said other kids are not important.
4.Not all people that have money are snooty as you say or portray “lake people”  I’ve also met “snooty” people as you say in downtown Greensboro, and Union Point.  They live all around the county.
5. Once you let jealously go, you’ll be a happier person.
6. I’ve seen the 2015 budget for ALL Schools, LOA will receive $142.00 less per student.  If you don’t believe me call the BOE and request the FY15 Estimated School Based Budgets.

7. Have a great day!

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No Headway 3/19/15 – 5:03pm

Author : Johnathan Mersk

Per the strategic plan just approved  by the boe. Gc schools can not learn anything from Loa. Until certain boe members get their heads out of the sand no headway will be made on gc schools.

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All Have Good Education 3/18/15 – 1:12pm

Author : Wanda McCannon

I guess you truly do not know Dee Lindsey, Lake Resident. It was not about NGA, LOA or our Greene County school systems. This was about wrong doing between the BOE and Greene County Commissioners.  All children are important whether they are white, black, Hispanic, Latinos, etc. THEY ALL deserve the best education the can get at any of our Greene County Schools. All we want is a level playing field for all Greene County children and we don’t have that right now. Politics, lying, sneaking around behind closed doors are not acceptable here as the lawsuit proved. We were here before the lake people and now our children are expected to get an education less than LOA. I do no think so! I have met nice people from the lake but I have also met those who look down their noses at us lowly Greene County homefolk. I would rather be who I am than one of those snooty people who because they inherited money, married into money or should I say it? Actually worked for their money and got snooty.
God can change thinks in the twinkling of an eye so never forget where you came from. We are here to stay and our children are going to have a good education.

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What Now 3/18/15 – 10:12am

From: Jon Gilbert

Outsider Looking In:

Now since the court system has ruled against the BOC/LOA, are the interveners going to actually step up and help the public schools to achieve the result LOA puts out?

I’ve seen a lot of rants and raves the past two years, but none of them have actually spoken up how they want to help the current situation.

Have any of them volunteered at the schools to help the other students/parents?  Are they speaking up at the BOE meetings, or even attending? Did their children attend the public school system?  How often have they complained to their BOE district reps about taxes being paid to a failing system?  Are residents satisfied paying taxes to a failing school system, but upset for paying taxes to a school that puts results out?

Talk is cheap, so let’s see what they do from here on out….

Maybe they are satisfied with status quo since LOA doesn’t’ effect them personally??

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BOE 3/18/15 – 8:55am

From: yogia7

lake resident

your opinion is just that  an   opinion . as usual not supported by any data.  however I agree on the B.O.E they are terrible!!!!!!!

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Here’s What 3/17/15 – 4:04pm

From: Lake Resident

Now what?  Here’s what:

1. LOA still stays one of the best schools in the state, and the #1 school in the county.

2. All the hundreds of applicants that want to enroll at LOA can’t get in because there’s not enough funds to build additional room… of now.

3.  The public school system still stays at the bottom of the state while BOE member quarrel amongst themselves and nothing gets accomplished.  Heavens for bid GC schools work with LOA.

This lawsuit isn’t going to help the public education system in GC, it just hurts it.  The reason why this lawsuit came about is the students leaving NGA for a better quality education.  The interveners can throw in Econ Development all they want, legal this, legal that but keeping NGA up and running is the real reason why this came about.

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Court Rules 3/17/15 – 10:16am


The State Supreme Court has ruled…now what?

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Golf Digest, Masters 3/16/15 – 11:15am

Re: Making Big Bucks, Spending Big Bucks

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BREAKING NEWS, LOA 3/16/15 – 10:30am



Lake Oconee Academy, Inc. is a nonprofit corporation, and pursuant to a contract with the Greene County Board of Education, the Academy operates a local, public charter school in Greene County.1 To finance the construction of a facility for the use of the Academy, the Greene County Development Authority proposed in 2014 to issue $14 million in revenue bonds.2 In connection with its proposal to issue these bonds, the Authority entered into an intergovernmental agreement with Greene County, whereby the County contracted to pay over to the Authority for repayment of the indebtedness on the bonds

. The Authority also proposed a lease agreement with

1 See generally OCGA § 20-2-2060 et seq. (Charter Schools Act of 1998). 2 See generally OCGA § 36-82-60 et seq. (Revenue Bond Law). amounts, amounts that the County contemplated would be raised by an ad valorem taxthe Academy, whereby the Academy generally would have use of the facility for so long as the indebtedness on the bonds remained outstanding, and the Authority would sell the facility to the Academy for $1 when that indebtedness was retired. The State of Georgia filed a petition to validate the bonds, and several Greene County residents intervened to object to validation. Following a hearing, the trial court refused validation on several grounds. The County, the Authority, and the Academy appeal, and we affirm.

When presented with a petition for the validation of revenue bonds, a trial court must consider whether the proposal to issue those bonds is “sound, feasible, and reasonable.” Berry v. City of East Point, 277 Ga. App. 649, 650 (1) (627 SE2d 391) (2006). The trial court in this case found that the Authority’s proposal was not sound, feasible, and reasonable, and it refused validation on the basis of that finding, among other grounds. As this Court has explained before, whether a proposal to issue bonds is sound, feasible, and reasonable is a question for the trial court, and its findings about soundness, feasibility, and reasonableness must be sustained on appeal if there is any evidence to support them. Copeland v. State, 268 Ga. 375, 379 (5) (490 SE2d 68) (1997). See also

Hay v. Newton County, 273 Ga. App. 423, 423 (615 SE2d 234) (2005); Carter 2

v. State of Ga., 93 Ga. App. 12, 20-21 (7) (90 SE2d 672) (1955). Although the record in this case might not have demanded a finding that the Authority’s proposal was not sound, feasible, and reasonable, we conclude that it permitted such a finding. Cf. Carter, 93 Ga. App. at 20-21 (7) (“It is sufficient to say that while [the evidence] does not demand a finding that the project is reasonable, sound and feasible, yet it is sufficient to authorize such finding . . ..”).

The trial court here did not explain in its order exactly why it found that the proposal was not sound, feasible, and reasonable, but the appellants do not appear to have asked for any detailed explanation of that finding, and we can glean from the record some concerns about the proposal that the trial court may have had. To begin, we note that the purpose of the proposal was to promote economic development in Greene County, and there was testimony from an expert witness that, generally speaking, improving the quality of education in a community will improve the prospects for economic development, a proposition that the court acknowledged as an indisputable one. The expert offered only scant and conclusory testimony, however, about the particular impact upon economic development that construction of the proposed facility for the use of the Academy might be expected to have. The superior court was 3 trial entitled to assess the credibility of the expert on this point and to give his opinion testimony as much or as little weight as the superior court deemed appropriate. See Ga. State Indem. Comm. v. Lyons, 256 Ga. 311, 312 (348 SE2d 642) (1986). Although the trial court did not speak in detail about the credibility and weight of this testimony, the trial court did express at the hearing a concern about the extent to which the Authority’s proposal would, in fact, benefit the citizens of Greene County. In addition, the trial court seemed to have concerns about several aspects of the way in which the project was proposed to be structured, noting the limited involvement of the Board of Education, 3 that the County was obligated under the proposal to fund the repayment of the indebtedness on the bonds, and that, as soon as that debt was retired, the Academy wouldbeentitledtopurchase the facility for only $1. Taken together, all these concerns would have permitted

3 The record shows that the Authority previously issued bonds in 2009 to finance the construction of a charter school facility, but the Authority entered into an intergovernmental agreement with the Board of Education in connection with that issuance. The Vice Chairman of the Authority was present at the validation hearing, and, in fact, briefly testified at that hearing when called as a witness by the intervenors. But the Vice Chairman was never questioned by the parties pursuing the validation of the bonds, and they failed to offer any other evidence to assuage the expressed concerns about why the Authority had structured its proposal with only the limited involvement of the Board of Education.


— a private, nonprofit corporation —

the trial court to find, as it did, that the Authority’s proposal to issue $14 million in revenue bonds was not a sound, feasible, and reasonable one, especially considering the cost to the taxpayers of Greene County and that the evidence about the economic benefit of the proposal was not overwhelming. Again, we caution that the record did not demand such a finding. Nevertheless, the record permitted the trial court to find that the proposal was not sound, feasible, and reasonable, and for that reason, we cannot say that the trial court erred when it refused to validate the 4 Accordingly, we affirm the judgment below.

Judgment affirmed. Thompson, C. J., Hines, P. J., Benham, Hunstein,and Melton, JJ., concur. Chief Judge Melodie Snell Conner dissents. Nahmias, J., disqualified.



We need not, and do not, address the other grounds upon which the trial court denied validation.


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Lost Cat 3/11/15 – 10:37am

From: Alyce Vining

Missing…  Gray tabby (dark and light gray short haired), female cat with yellow eyes.  Petite in size with long tail.  Does not have collar, but is microchipped.  Hair on tummy is growing back from surgery a couple of month ago.  Last seen on March 9th on Gresham’s Fort area.  Please contact 706-816-9441 with any information.  Thank you!

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Need New Leadership 3/17/15 – 3:57pm

Sorry – posted previously with no title – admin

From: out of town member (since 2004)

I’m a RP member who like so many others truly love this place and most all the people we’ve met here. Like so many were invested in RP not just financially with our property, but emotionally and we wanted to move here permanently some day.

I’m grateful for M/L and all they’ve stepped up to do since purchasing. I’ll go on record saying I believe in Daniel and am a big supporter of John Gunderson. I believe he has the right stuff…But he doesn’t live here so gets a skewed view from RP onsite mgmt and doubtful gets a true picture of what Members (the ultimate RP Clients, Customers and Guests of RP) feel about our mgmt team.

Fine individuals they may be, even very skilled and experienced in some areas, but change is desperately needed at the top. Even the best in the world at the guest service experience (eg Disney) make significant executive mgmt changes when ownership changes or the shareholders (RP Members) demand it.

RP is an amazing place that has weathered body blows which would have been the demise of most communities. But if it truly wants to improve, grow and regain brand prominence and full support of its most important customers (it’s Members) it must replace or at least supplement tired, same old mgmt blood and thinking with new energy, ideas enthusiasm and led by someone who can gain the confidence and support  of Members thru their style of commeinication, their youthful energy and their experience Edith and commitment to Guest/Customer Service Excellence.

We were purchased 3 yrs ago, we’ve waited patiently and we’ve remained supportive. If RP (M/L and Daniel) really want our support in referrals to prospective members, discovery visits real estate sales et al…Fix this glaring issue and make the changes needed. “It starts at the top and rolls downhill” Remember that old saying about insanity? It is not blind faith or taking risks or making new mistakes…But rather it is doing what you’ve always done and expecting a different outcome. Sometimes good people trying hard and doing their best are unfortunately casualties of the change needed to not be perceived as doing what you’ve always done.

I do not want to give up on RP…It is amazing and can be brought back to life. but it will take more than M/L and Daniel. More than new clubhouses and redone golf courses or updating the Ritz. It will take new Senior LEADERSHIP (very different skill than being “good Operational mgrs” which may have been sufficient pre-recession when RP “took orders ” for new members and could grow via “lottery sales.” No longer and no more…Leadership will define RPs future success stagnation or failure in the next decade. it’s been 3 years…Wake up M/l and Daniel…we’re getting behind and time is passing…

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Ck Insurance Rates 3/9/15 – 4:23pm

From: Information Please

Les, thanks for the reminder. My policies renew in May and I’ll certainly request the agent double check rates – and urge others to d so too.

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Insurance Rates 3/7/15 – 5:10pm

From: Les Reed

Has anyone received a lower home owners insurance rate due to the improved rating? I haven’t.

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credits 3/7/15 – 9:33am

From: Conditioned Congratulations

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

The Old Salem Fire Rescue Department is to be commended for their recent accomplishment to reduce the ISO rating for the fire district they serve.  I applaud this dedicated group and do not wish to detract from their accomplishment in any way.

However, having seen several references to the “current administration” being responsible for this accomplishment, I feel compelled to give credit where credit is due.  The Old Salem Fire Rescue Department (OSFR) did not turn on a dime and remarkably lower the ISO rating under the “current administration” that has been in place for less than a year.  In fact, at the time of the ISO inspection, the “current administration” had been in place for less than six months.  So let’s acknowledge the historical dedication that contributed immeasurably to the reduction in the ISO rating without irresponsibly and callously ignoring those that demonstrated such dedication over time.  We also have to give credit to the other responsible parties that contribute greatly to the ISO rating that are beyond the limited influence of the “current administration.”

First, the Greene County Board of Commissioners deserves recognition and credit for the funding streams afforded to the fire departments in Greene County including OSFR.  The SPLOST has yielded over $550,000.00 to the OSFR just in the last 12-15 years to purchase capital equipment including fire apparatus.  The special tax district funding mechanism has afforded OSFR with a stable annual revenue stream since established by the Board of Commissioners back in 2000.  OSFR currently receives around $550,000.00 in property tax annually from the special tax district millage rate levied by the Board of Commissioners.  Of course, the taxpayers and citizens deserve credit for paying these taxes to support this service as well.

Second, also contributable to the Greene County Board of Commissioners, the Greene County Enhanced 911 Center is to be commended for their robust capability that yielded almost maximum credit for the portion of the overall ISO rating attributable to the 911 system that serves the County and the OSFR fire service area.  Out of a maximum of 10 points, the Greene County E911 Center received 9.10 points, or 91% of the total for this component.

Third, Piedmont Water deserves credit for the water system they own and operate that provides creditable water supply for the OSFR fire service area.  For ISO purposes, the capabilities of the water system makes up 40% of the overall ISO rating, and the Piedmont Water system yielded 29.48 points out of a total possible 40 points, or 73.7% of the total for this component.

There are also two neighboring fire departments that provide “Automatic Aid” response for all reported structure fires in the OSFR service area.  The capabilities of these two departments, along with their response, provides credit in the ISO rating process.  ISO does not designate the point value weighting of this component, but it is factored in to the fire department component itself, in this case, the OSFR points were benefited by the automatic aid system that is in place.  This system was actually put in place through the County’s E911 System, but is credited under the fire department.  These two automatic aid fire departments deserve recognition in the final analysis, as does the County for implementing this system.

ISO now recognizes elements that constitute “bonus” credit that primarily relate to fire inspection, fire prevention, and fire code enforcement.  The total available is 5.5 points, and the OSFR ISO results yielded credit for 4.32 of these total available points, or 78.5% of the total for this component.  The fire department itself is responsible for some of this effort, and the County, through the Building & Zoning Department, is also greatly responsible.  So this is another example of where credit should be appropriately given as these points are mostly attributable to the County’s efforts rather than OSFR.

Now for the fire department itself (OSFR)…the total maximum ISO points for the fire department component is 50 points, of which OSFR received 27.83 points, or 55.7% of the total for this component (and don’t forget that the automatic aid departments contributed partly to this credit).  This one component is the primary component over which the fire department administration has control  and influence.  However, the “current administration” cannot take credit for the accomplishments of all of those that came before them.  For example, ISO provided maximum credit for engine companies and pump capacity for the OSFR fire apparatus (9 points out of 9 total points possible), yet every single fire apparatus credited by ISO was purchased by the previous administration over time.

There are things the “current administration” could have improved upon such as officer training, but in the absence of such effort, ISO provided 0 points for officer training out of 12 total points available.  Other training including company training would have yielded up to 60 points under the fire department component, but OSFR only received 21.72 of these points.  There are components of the ISO rating process that are simply unattainable and beyond the current administration’s control, or any previous administration’s control for that matter.

So the point here is not to put down the “current administration,” but let’s not inappropriately place the “current administration” on a pedestal without also recognizing the wealth of efforts taken by other parties that helped improve the ISO rating in the OSFR service area, especially those individuals that have been involved for decades to help build the department from the ground up.  One should not attempt to elevate themselves by putting others down or not recognizing those that helped get them there.

So to recap, let the chart below speak for itself:

Component    Points    Points    Percent of
Received    Available    Component
E911    9.1    10    91.0%
Fire Department    27.83    50    55.7%
Water Supply    29.48    40    73.7%
Bonus    4.32    5.5    78.5%
Divergence *    -3.61
Total    67.12    105.5

*Divergence mathematically reduces the ISO score based upon the relative difference
between the fire department’s capability and the capability of the water system; in this
case, the divergence deduction was due to the water system relatively outperforming
the capability of the fire department.

Let us also recognize the similar (and remarkable) accomplishments made by the other 8 fire departments in Greene County that have attained lower ISO ratings with substantially less tax district funding than OSFR.  The combined operational tax district funding of these 8 other fire departments totals around $310,000.00 annually, as compared to the $550,000.00 received by just the OSFR department alone each year.  A few of these fire departments receive some negligible additional funding from the city governments they operate under, but nothing compared to the financial operational resources received by OSFR.  Each of these 8 fire departments have reduced their ISO ratings without the benefit of paid personnel, and with significantly less annual tax district funding.  The Greensboro Fire Department, Union Point Fire Department, White Plains Fire Department, Walker Church Fire Department, and the Liberty Fire Department have all lowered their ISO rating to the same ISO Class as OSFR;
the Greshamville Fire Department, Woodville Fire Department, and Siloam Fire Department are on the heels of these others having an ISO rating just one class behind the rest.  In other words, every single fire department in Greene County has substantially improved their ISO rating and many individuals, agencies, and other parties deserve credit for such an amazing accomplishment.

I offer my sincere appreciation to those dedicated men and women, both past and present, who serve our community selflessly to provide fire and emergency services.  I especially want to recognize the former “administration” of OSFR for the 20+ years of service and leadership that helped attain our current ISO ratin

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Put To Vote 3/7/15 – 9:20am

From: Other Options

The state has a golf course in neighboring Morgan County that cost around $30.00 to play and includes green fees and the golf cart.  Why should the taxpayers pay $1million, then subsidize around $250,000 each year to support a non-governmental purpose?  Putnam County’s course loses money every year and has to be propped-up by the taxpayers…why would Greene County taxpayers want to do this?  Put this out as a public vote by the citizens before spending our hard-earned money for something that does not serve the interest of all the citizens.

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Cause Tax Increase 3/7/15 – 9:16am

From: Will Johnson

What would really be crummy is the GUARANTEED PROPERTY TAX INCREASE that we would see if the county commissioners purchase the private golf course country club!  This is insanity as such an action would be an overreach of governance and result in bigger local government to protect the hobby of a select few.  Where is the business plan to show how much taxpayer subsidy will be needed each year to operate this country club?  Public meetings should be held all over the county, and a referendum should be held before this overreach is even considered!

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